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Strictly Come Dancing’s Caroline Quentin promises “cross and sexy” Paso Doble

Saturday's surprise package says the dance is one she is really excited about.


Strictly Come Dancing star Caroline Quentin provided a small surprise with her elegant American Smooth in Saturday’s live premiere but promised her next dance will be fierce and sexy.


Caroline and her pro partner will be dancing a Paso Doble to Raul Cortez’s El Gato Montes in Saturday’s show and Caroline told Zoe Ball on Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two that it was one of the dances she was really excited about doing and she planned to really enjoy it.

“It’s proper hot, isn’t it?” she said. “It’s really sexy, very fierce. You can either play it two ways: you can either play it slightly grumpy and annoyed or really go for cross and sexy! I’m going to go for cross and sexy, I think.”

Johannes was bullish about Saturday’s dance after starting rehearsals with the Jonathan Creek star.

He said: “Honestly it’s awesome because I taught her a few steps today and there I was, I was just mesmerised. And I was like, thank goodness you’re an actor…”

Caroline interjected: “Because your dancing is terrible!”

He continued: “She really embodies the character of the dance and that’s what Paso Doble is all about and if she does what she’s done today in rehearsals…”

Caroline added that her “dress is probably the most beautiful dress that’s ever been invented. It is so beautiful.”

The actress, 60, gave a little insight into their training relationship.

“I’m very needy with the praise. After a long hard day if he doesn’t go “Yessss”, if he goes’ “Nooo”, I really don’t like it. I get quite depressed. And because of COVID I just sit there on my own… But if I get a yes I snuggle up in my bubble and I have lovely dreams.”

Caroline explained why she cried after their American Smooth scored 21 points and earned adjectives like “elegant” from the judges on Saturday when she was dreading that she’d hear “you can’t dance”.

“‘You’re not a dancer’ is the thing I heard first and I burst into tears straight away, instead of listening to the second part of the sentence, which was ‘You’re a dancing queen!'”


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