BGT’s Danny Beard breaks down on stage after Simon Cowell calls his performance “pointless”

The glittery singer had a tough time tonight


Danny Beard, the singer with with facial hair so fabulous he put London’s hipsters to shame, was a hit with the panel in his first audition. The glittery performer belted out Rocky Horror’s Sweet Transvestite with real drama.


And tonight Danny seriously upped his outfit game and sang Bonnie Tyler’s I Need A Hero – except he really did need a hero, because Simon was very unimpressed by his performance. He felt it was too “random”.

“I thought it was pointless,” he said. “I think you missed a fantastic opportunity to do something unique.” At which point Danny broke down on stage as Ant and Dec reassured him and urged him to “keep it together.”


But not all was lost, because David Walliams was still a big fan. “I thought it was fabulous. Stunning, dramatic and sexy.”