All-singing, all-dancing BGT act 100 Voices of Gospel will give you tingles

Get ready to bop along with these Britain's Got Talent hopefuls


Britain’s Got Talent act 100 Voices of Gospel is exactly what we need on this gloomy Friday.


They sing, they dance, they even provide comedy. Especially when they admit that, despite having more than twenty nationalities in the group, it’s the Brits that have failed to turn up on the audition day, even though they’re in England…

But that’s by the by. When they all sing together you’ll want to leap up out of your chair and dance along. Or at least tap your foot. You’re probably at work.

Could this group be on its way to this year’s semi-finals? We know a certain Alesha Dixon backs a choir with her Golden Buzzer. Could these guys be the lucky recipients?

Check out a sneak peek below before their full audition this Saturday night.


See Britain’s Got Talent Saturday at 8:00pm on ITV