Susan Calman finished bottom of the Strictly leaderboard – but JK Rowling awarded her perfect 10s

The comedian has the Harry Potter author in her corner

BBC Pictures, SL

Susan Calman may have wowed Strictly Come Dancing fans with her Paso Doble on Blackpool’s hallowed floor, but the judges weren’t exactly won over. Craig said “it needed more of everything, too soft and wafty” as she and Kevin were awarded just 25 points putting them bottom of the leaderboard.


BUT all is not lost. Because when you’re a) fan favourite Susan with a heart bursting with love for Strictly and b) have JK Rowling in your corner, you stand a decent chance of being saved by the public.

Yes, that’s right, JK ROWLING. The Harry Potter creator and all-round genius woman is firmly Team Susan and was in the Strictly audience last night to support her pal. And while the judges gave the Scottish comedian no more than a seven, Rowling has awarded her three perfect tens (in the form of a cupcake).

The judges could learn a thing or two from Rowling. Firstly, that Susan is awesome and secondly, that all Strictly scoring should be communicated via cake.


Will Rowling’s support haul Susan out of the danger zone? Find out on the Strictly results show tonight at 7:15pm on BBC1.