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Who is Mandy Longworth? Big Brother 2017 contestant profile

Mandy is entering the Big Brother House with her daughter Charlotte

Published: Monday, 26th June 2017 at 8:14 pm

A new series of Big Brother has begun, and with it a new clutch of housemates to get to know. But who are they...? Here's your guide to contestant Mandy Longworth...


Age: 51

What does Mandy do for a living? Mandy is an antiques dealer – and given that this year's Big Brother House is so quintessentially English, we think she'll fit right in.

Will Mandy know anyone else in the House? Oh yes. She’s going in with her daughter, Charlotte Keys. Here's a snap of them together...

What does Mandy say about Charlotte? Apparently the pair of them have an “inseparable” mother/daughter bond, which is nice.

But she also reckons she has a better sex life than her daughter. Ooh-er.

Why is Mandy going on Big Brother? She wants to find love in the house with “someone of a similar age, a bit of money and a man that hasn’t dated a lot of young women… When you get to my age, life feels dull, I am still 21 in my head and I need stimulation. I need something stronger than coffee – Big Brother is that.” 


What’s Mandy’s life mantra? “Why be underdressed when you can be overdressed?’”


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