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Who is Hollie Hobin? Meet the Shipwrecked contestant and fashion vlogger

The fashion and beauty vlogger has revealed that she found love on the island – but who did she fall for?

Published: Friday, 15th February 2019 at 8:35 pm

Shipwrecked contestant Hollie Hobin

Name: Hollie Hobin


Age: 24

Instagram: holliehobin

YouTube: Hollie Hobin

From: Bromley

Occupation: Model/ vlogger

Who is Hollie Hobin? A fashion and beauty vlogger who describes herself as "caring, kind and outgoing".

What kind of Shipwrecked contestant is Hollie? She reckons she adapted "really quickly" to the island experience, leaving behind her home comforts for island life.

"Even at home, I am not one to care about my hair and make-up," she says. "I am quite laid back and so when it came to that side of it, I adapted really quickly. I guess you just find your role within the island."

She did take a mirror as one of her luxury items, but we'll say no more...

Is Hollie single? She is not anymore, after meeting someone on the island...

"I wouldn’t say it is love just yet but it is really nice to share an experience like that with someone", she says.

Why is Hollie on Shipwrecked? Aside from the fact that it is likely to boost her followers...

"My friends told me to do it," she said. "I also thought it would be interesting to see what would come of it. When else would I be able to live on an island?! I was so excited when they picked me and it didn’t sink in for a while."

Did Hollie have arguments with anyone? No, she says that she remained "oblivious" to all of the drama in the camp.

"I managed to avoid all the arguments," she says. "All the dramas went over my head. I didn’t feel any tension because I was oblivious to it all."


Shipwrecked airs on weeknights on E4 starting from 9pm on Monday 28th January

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