Selling Sunset creator tight-lipped on villain edits, candid about retaking scenes

An intriguing look behind the scenes on Netflix's hit docusoap...

Selling Sunset: Mary, Christine and Heather

The Selling Sunset cast may well be among the most glamorous and reality TV-ready currently on screens.


With their six-inch Louboutin heels, supercars, multi-million dollar listings and neon Balenciaga bags The Oppenheim Group agents had many of us glued to Netflix when Selling Sunset season three dropped on the streaming platform earlier this month.

Now, creator Adam DiVello has given some behind-the-scenes insights into how the show gets made, pulling back the curtain a bit on one big question: is Selling Sunset real or scripted?

Asked how many takes he typically does for a scene, DiVello explained: “If we have to do a walk-up or a walk-away, we’ll do those a couple of times if something gets in the way or something happens.

“We typically just get everything as it happens. If there’s a technical glitch and we need somebody to repeat something, certainly we’ll have them repeat it,” he told Variety candidly.

However, the producer was less forthcoming regarding the so-called ‘villain edits’ some of the stars get on the show.

Asked if he thought he’d given Davina Potratz the ‘villain edit’ this season, DiVello replied: “I really wouldn’t want to comment on that.”

And the Selling Sunset boss was even more tight-lipped when it came to Christine Quinn’s established role as the Oppenheim office ‘villain’.

When asked if he could speak to the rumours that her scenes were cut up because she was “hamming it up too much” in her role, DiVello simply said: “I can’t.”

Naturally, after bingeing season three, Selling Sunset fans are eagerly awaiting confirmation as to whether Netflix will commission a fourth instalment of the reality series.

On the subject of a potential season four, the producer admitted he didn’t know exactly how filming would work given the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve all been scratching our heads about that. Netflix has other shows that are in production or are ramping up, and I think that we’ll have to follow their protocol,” he said. “We have a really small crew on this show, believe it or not. It’s typically under 40 people so I don’t think we’d have a problem social distancing or keeping six feet apart from one another.”

He also noted that the cast was “rarely that close” and could have their desks distanced in the office.

“Obviously we’ll take every precaution there is and we’ll just take our time and do it when the time is right,” he added. Sounds promising for season four’s chances!


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