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Married at First Sight Australia fans shocked by Tracey's "idiotic" decision

Fans of the E4 reality show were dismayed by Tracey's decision after Dean revealed his indiscretion.

Published: Wednesday, 26th August 2020 at 9:38 pm

Married at First Sight Australia featured season five's second commitment ceremony on Wednesday and the big question everyone was expecting to ask was, how would Tracey Jewel and Ryan Gallagher wreak vengeance on their despicable, deceitful partners Dean Wells and Davina Rankin.


The E4 blind date wedding show was all set up for a classic partner swap, but things didn't quite follow the script.

Dean revealed that he had been intimate with Tracey after the dinner party the night before the commitments, despite constantly flirting with Davina during the week and revealing he wanted to be with her. But the love rat did a complete 180º turn.

That unexpected development was shocking enough, but then Married at First Sight Australia fans reacted with dismay on social media when Tracey thought there was enough in the relationship to forgive him and spend another week in the marriage.

Many on social media picked up on her comment, "I'm either going to look like a complete fool or..."

In light of the revelation that Dean had been wooing Davina, the experts gave Tracey the opportunity to discuss the deceit with Dean and rethink her decision to stay with him. He chose to try to dig himself out of the giant hole.

Tracey chose to believe he would stick to his word and "go all out" to prove his commitment to their marriage. He started by buying her what looked like bargain bucket flowers from a petrol station!

Davina was, meanwhile, crying a bucketful of tears that she too had been deceived by the cut-price Casanova. But no one watching was buying her crocodile tears.

Davina's husband Ryan, meanwhile, was trying to make light of the discovery he'd been cheated on, in spirit if not in actuality.

Viewers were shocked that Tracey didn't just tell Dean where to go.

Earlier, when Dean told the entire group what had happened between himself and Davina, there was a chorus of approval online when Nasser lost his cool and slammed Dean for "playing" both women.

Nasser was upset. How upset? "VERY upset".

Davina was completely blindsided by Dean's decision to stay. She had their "happy ever after" all mapped out and when the revelation came, her jaw hit the floor. No one was feeling the remotest bit of sympathy for her.

Elsewhere, millionaire Justin was doing his best impression of an "asexual android" and Carly had had enough. She voted to leave which, with the peculiar rules of Married at First Sight Australia, meant that they had one more week to try and salvage the marriage.

Sarah Roza and Telv Williams demonstrated that the show could produce good matches between respectful, mature people. They, of course, chose to stay despite the flames of passion being barely more than embers.

Their relationship was even "calming the anger in the belly" of some viewers.

Again the experts were under fire for the matchmaking on season five. Jo and Sean, in particular, were a dud duo, despite her remarkable enthusiasm.

No one was accepting their psychobabble as they tried to explain why they paired the couple. A simple "We got it wrong" would have been well received by the E4 audience.

In the next episode Married at First Sight Australia the couples embark on their first home stays, where they travel to experience the home environments of their new husbands and wives. Judging by the look on Charlene's mum Ruby's face, Patrick has his work cut out getting a second invitation.

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