Married at First Sight Australia fans react to the honeymoons: “That’s not a fight, it’s just being stroppy!”

The couples from season five went on their honeymoons, but was there any romance?

Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight Australia moved to the make-or-break honeymoon stage on Thursday night with the couples packing their thongs and togs  to spend some meaningful time with their new husband or wife.


It was the first time without the support of the friends and families,now that the wedding ceremonies and receptions were a distant memory, so how did they get on and, more importantly, how did viewers react to developments in their relationships?

Davina and Ryan were not among the fan favourites from the beginning of their time together. She was uptight and judgemental, he was a little immature, but at least he wanted to give their marriage a go. However, the relationship quickly deteriorated during their romantic beachside dinner, when he tried to eat an oyster, heaved it up and she fled the table in tears.

One viewer was desperately looking for an upside. At least Ryan maintained some sort of decorum with the waiters.

Married at First Sight Australia fans thought there was a disconnect at the heart of their relationship, as their “fight” demonstrated.

Sarah and Telv were a couple for which viewers had genuine high hopes. When she revealed that she’d miscarried two babies he quickly leapt to comfort her.

Many in the audience thought they were a well-matched couple, along with Charlene and Patrick and Mathew and Alycia.

This tweeter was “absolutely rooting” for Sarah and Telv, although she pointed that that probably meant it would end in disaster.

On the other hand, nervous, evasive Sean and super-keen Jo didn’t seem to inspire any kind of optimism about their future.

When Jo opted to take on the challenge of a high-wire rope walk, Sean shouted encouragement from the ground. Then she froze and fell apart, at which point he overcame his fear of heights and stepped up to help her.

We probably wouldn’t count on that.

Meanwhile, man’s man Dean was put off by Tracey’s revelation that she believed in the supernatural. He wasn’t having a bar of it. At least, not until she revealed that she’d experimented with swinging.

All of a sudden he was back in the game, much to the disgust of the audience.

Dean’s change of heart was a recurring theme on social media, but one thread he probably didn’t want to spend too much time reading.

Elsewhere, Charlene and Patrick had a cute date on a yacht, but fans were preoccupied with Patrick and his relationship with his mother, Ruby.

“Well looked after” is just another way of saying you’re a “mummy’s boy”, according to this poster.

Patrick needed to get out of his mother’s shadow and give Charlene a real chance.

Married at First Sight Australia season five is proving to be a big hit with viewers and for this fan it’s infinitely better than the “agenda filled” American version.


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