Married at First Sight Australia reached peak awkward on Monday night when the newlyweds gathered for a dinner party after last week's drama during which Dean Wells turned his back on his dalliance with Davina Rankin to stay with wife Tracey Jewel.

It was all set up on the E4 reality show to be the day of reckoning for the man who seemed oblivious to the trail of destruction he'd left behind him.

Davina was also trying to exonerate herself, saying Dean drove their flirtation. But Tracey knew this was a lie, having seen their text conversation – and she was determined to confront her about it.

"She needs to stand up and take responsibility," said Tracey.

But of course she was never going to do that.

Earlier Davina suggested she was one of the "most honest people" in the room, which just proved to the Married at First Sight Australia audience how delusional she is.

When Tracey confronted her, giving her the opportunity to come clean about her part in the romance, she instead cried crocodile tears.

Viewers seemed 100 per cent behind Tracey and her stance, although many wished she'd made it more of a public spectacle.

Meanwhile, Dean was enlisting the old mates network to support him. But Telv Williams was having none of it. He told Dean he was flat out lying to him and to get out of his face.

Earlier the love rat tried to pin the blame on the wronged husband, Ryan Gallagher.

Dean even tried to gaslight Ryan into believing he had encouraged him to try and seduce Davina.

At dinner, Sarah Roza was Dean's main interrogator, pinning him down about his behaviour and accusing him of being a player.

Dean attempted to make an apology to Tracey and the group, but dug the hole even deeper by continuing to try and exonerate himself.

Many thought one way of settling the whole controversy would be if Tracey read out the "filthy" texts exchanged between Dean and Davina while they were in maximum flirt mode.

The audience and other newlyweds were full-square behind Ryan as the wronged partner. When he walked into the dinner party there was a lot of love for him in the room.

"It's really nice, it really makes me feel like I haven't done anything wrong," he said.

Many thought Davina was the bigger villain of the piece, as she continued to try to convince Tracey it was all down to Dean's initiative.

The dinner party wasn't just about Dean and Tracey. Justin Fischer returned from his ultra-quick business trip to Milan, but didn't exactly make a beeline to catch up with wife Carly Bowyer, instead hugging everyone else in the room before he got to her. Time to vote Leave, Carly.

It also looked like curtains for Troy Delmege and Ashley Irvin, whose seeming incompatibility had reached the point of no return. Troy's manipulation didn't go down well with viewers.

"Communication is zilch between them so this thing was dead on arrival," said one fan on social media.

Will they make it past the commitment ceremony in the next episode of Married at First Sight Australia? Find out tomorrow on E4, or read our update on what happened to the couples after the cameras stopped rolling.

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