We’re just days away from the launch of Love Island series five, with an all-new set of Islanders raring to crack on and mug off in the Majorcan villa.

But the latest series will see a major change to the first coupling up ceremony, thanks to the surplus of Islanders.

Previous seasons have kicked off with ten Islanders initially pairing up into five couples before an eleventh walks in to potentially break up one of those couples. But eagle-eyed fans will have noticed that this year there are a total of twelve rather than eleven Islanders in the opening line-up – which means that not one but two boys will be thrown in at the end of proceedings to shake things up.

“In a twist, there will be two more boys revealed later,” said ITV executive Angela Jain to journalists in Majorca. “We’re really excited about the show starting – we’ve tried to have a huge range of personalities, people, hoping there’s someone for everyone.”

Yewande Biala LOVE ISLAND ©ITV

Jain also confirmed there will be some other “tweaks” to the show’s format this year, after reports that regular features such as Casa Amor and and the lie detector test may be shelved.

“What we do in terms of format twists, obviously we don’t want to reveal things,” Jain said. “We’re trying to mirror real life here, and relationships in real life get tested and that is entirely normal.”

But while the fifth series of Love Island may have superficial differences to previous versions, producers were quick to make it clear that there would be no wholesale changes of the basic format.

“The temptation to rip up the rulebook is there,” said Jain. “But the one thing I will say with confidence is that we’ve got a winning formula here. Why would we change it?

“What we have to do is keep evolving the show. To fundamentally change it doesn’t feel like the right thing to do.”

Creative director Richard Cowles added, “We don’t really have a rulebook, the show is so reactionary. There’s a plan for the first week but that will probably go out the window by Tuesday.

“No matter how hard we try and pretend we’re matchmakers, we’re not. We get it wrong completely and then different people are attracted to each other. But because we’re in real time we listen to the social media, we listen to the audience.

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“We’ve got things planned, we’ve got challenges planned, we’ve got new Islanders planned and all of those sorts of things, but when we deploy all those secret bombshell weapons, there is no rulebook.”

Love Island launches Monday 3rd June on ITV2