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11 things you didn't know about Love Island: Australia

From the number of cameras to the voice behind the villa's cat (you read correctly), here's all the things that happen behind-the-scenes of Love Island: Australia...

Love Island Australia
Published: Monday, 22nd June 2020 at 5:59 pm

Without a doubt, Love Island: Australia has been turning up the heat on ITV2, with the drama, dumpings, and recouplings in full swing.


We've already seen some love triangles (ahem, Grant, Tayla and Cassidy) and it looks like some couples could go all the way.

But while we're being treated to an hour-long episode every night at 9pm, there are some things that we don't get to see.

We spoke to ITV and they shared some behind-the-scenes facts about the Australian villa - some of which you might be very surprised to hear...

There are 63 cameras

Filming takes place 24 hours a day and there are 63 cameras placed around the villa to take in all the action. That means a total of 168 hours of filming a week for six whole weeks.

There are no major twists 

While Love Island is known for its twists and turns, such as Casa Amor - which was introduced to the UK series in 2017 - Love Island: Australia season one doesn't have any surprise moments apart from bombshells. This is because it was a new format in the Australian market. However, series two does introduce some twists with the arrival of Bomb Squad.

The bedroom is actually in the kitchen

The Aussie villa takes the meaning of breakfast in bed to a whole other level, as the bedroom that we see is actually the real villa's kitchen redressed. Due to the size, the kitchen was revamped and fitted with beds for the series.

Love Island: Australia

The Islanders have a cook

The bedroom might be in the kitchen, but that doesn't mean the Islanders actually have to cook. Contestants are catered for as the show wants to them to focus on their relationships rather than preparing meals. However, there is a BBQ - standard!

There are microphones in the bed head

Ever wondered why we can hear those little convos under the sheets when the Islanders are in bed? It's because each double bed is fitted with recording devices. The Islanders might want to watch what they say... or not (for our benefit).

Love Island: Australia

The voice of the cat belongs to one of the cleaners

You might have noticed the villa's resident cat roaming around each episode. The Spanish cat became a cult figure of the first series. So much so, the edit team eventually decided to make it talk and entrusted a local cleaner who happened to be working the night shift with the job. Sounds like the cat got her tongue!

Contestants bring their own clothes

Ahead of the UK series, the contestants are given an allowance for clothing on which they must spend on non-branded apparel. From year to year, the show has also attracted sponsorship from clothing brands such as I Saw It First and Missguided who dress the contestants. or the Australian series, the Islanders bring their own clothes into the Villa so they can retain their individual style. During the show, sponsor partners contribute additional wardrobe for the girls and the guys.

Love Island: Australia
Love Island: Australia's Cassidy and Milly

There is an alcohol limit 

Contestants are allowed to consumer two units of alcohol per day and it is never exceeded.

There isn't a smoking area

For series one of Love Island: Australia there wasn't actually a designated smoking area as none of the Islanders happened to be smokers that year.


No phones are allowed

It was rumoured that the Australian contestants get to check their phones for an hour each week, however, we can confirm that is completely untrue, and like with the UK series, contestants aren't given their devices back until they're off the island.

Love Island Australia is on ITV2 at 9pm. To find out what else is on, check out our TV Guide.

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