Shaughna Phillips admittedly hasn't had the smoothest of rides on Love Island after losing her love, Callum Jones, on numerous occasions.


He finally chose to recouple with Molly Smith leaving Shaughna single and vulnerable.

However, in tonight's (Wednesday 12th February) episode, she notices she has feelings for an unexpected islander - Luke Mabbott.

The pair have been friendly, but Shaughna wonders if it's something more.

Having a chat with Mike Boateng, she pondered: "Do you know who I do get along with? Luke M..."

Mike replied: "He's a cool guy. Do you think you could possibly go there? Have you ever spoken to him like that? It's food for thought."

Contemplating the situation, Shaughna explained in the confessional: "I think since Jamie has come into the villa and been chatting to me and what not, it's made me realise some things. I think I might have some feelings for Luke M..."

Her secret doesn't stay quiet for long when Mike tells Finn and Paige what he overheard.

Love Island Luke
Love Island's Luke (ITV)

However, there's more drama on the horizon as the dramatic "News Splash" game causes a commotion.

The islanders read out headlines which have certain words blanked out - they must try and guess which words are missing, but if they get it wrong, they get thrown into a tank of water.

As in previous years, the contestants get their first proper look at how they're being portrayed - and not everyone likes it.

With hints of Finn's head turning in Casa Amor and Callum's potential cheating on Molly, it's going to be an explosive episode.


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