Following a very popular season 1, which brought us one of our fave couples to date, The Hamiltons, Love Is Blind is back for season 2.


Hosted by couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the eccentric dating show sees singles dating without being able to see one another, via special pods, in order to form a deeper connection.

To meet one another, they must get engaged, after which they'll embark on a four-week programme, leading up to their wedding day.

So, who are all the singletons looking for love on season 2? And who will make it all the way down the aisle?

Here's everything you need to know about the Married at First Sight season 2 cast.

Love Is Blind season 2 cast: Meet all the singles looking for love

Abhishek "Shake"

Abhishek Love Is Blind
Abhishek "Shake" Netflix

Age: 33

Job: Veterinarian / House DJ

Instagram: @thepuppydoc

Abhishek is a veterinarian and house DJ. He goes by the name "Shake" and is hoping to find someone special.


Aja Love Is Blind
Aja Netflix

Age: 28

Job: Paralegal

Instagram: @aja.mj

Paralegal Aja, 28, has high hopes about the dating process on season 2, saying: "I already believe that love is blind, so I'm very hopeful and optimistic that I can find that in this experience!"


Brandon Love Is Blind
Brandon Netflix

Age: 36

Job: Insurance Broker

Instagram: @classik_blk

Communication is key for insurance broker Brandon, 36.

He says: "I love good communication, because I can't read minds."


Brian Love Is Blind
Brian Netflix

Age: 32

Job: Advertising Strategist

Instagram: @brianqngo

Brian is looking for someone, who can handle his big personality.

"I'm extremely outgoing and loud and I don't know if everyone likes that," he says.


Caitlin Love is Blind
Caitlin Netflix

Age: 31

Job: Medical Software Sales

Instagram: @caitlinmckee

Caitlin is 31 and works in medical software sales. She's hoping to find the one, saying ahead of the series: "I would tell the love of my life, I'll see you at the end of this thing."


Chassidy Love Is Blind
Chassidy Netflix

Age: 34

Job: Business Owner

Instagram: @chassidymickale

Business owner Chassidy is looking for her "hus-bae". According to her Instagram, she works as a hairstylist, makeup artist, and image consultant.


Danielle Love Is Blind
Danielle Netflix

Age: 29

Job: Associate Director, Marketing

Instagram: @dnellruhl

Danielle is a 29-year-old associate director. From her Insta, it looks like she likes to travel and try adventurous things. She's also both a Chicago Bears and Bulls fan.


Deepti Love Is Blind
Deepti Netflix

Age: 31

Job: Information (Data) Analyst

Instagram: @lifewithdeeps

Data analyst Deepti is looking for a man, who will let her "light up his life because my name literally means light".


Haseeb Love Is Blind
Haseeb Netflix

Age: 28

Job: Lawyer

Instagram: @haseebhusn

Haseeb is a lawyer from Chicago. He doesn't give much away on his social media, but we do know he likes a bit of fashion and can often be seen wearing a cool pair of kicks.


Hope Love is Blind
Hope Netflix

Age: 32

Job: Sales Manager

Instagram: @hopeant

Sales manager Hope is looking for someone who will "take me for who I am and try not to change me". She also loves to travel a lot, so bae-cations will probably be at the top of her list.


Iyanna Love is Blind
Iyanna Netflix

Age: 27

Job: Program Coordinator

Instagram: @iyanna.amor

Iyanna is a programme coordinator. In her Instagram bio, she describes herself as: "Exceptionally adaptable. Amazingly introverted. Painfully amazing."

James "Joey"

Joey Love Is Blind
Joey Netflix

Age: 30

Job: Business Strategy Consultant

Instagram: @millerj5001

Joey is a 30-year-old business strategy consultant, who is looking for that special someone.

"If I could tell the love of my life one thing, it's that I'll try my best to make her smile every single day," he says. So cute!


Jarrette Love Is Blind
Jarrette Netflix

Age: 32

Job: Project Manager

Instagram: @thejjones_05

Jarrrette is a 32-year-old project manager. As well as his day job, Jarrette is quite the hustler. He resells trainers, he hosts his own podcast, works as a barber and also invests. If anyone is looking for a hard-working man, Jarrette could be your guy!


Jason Love Is Blind
Jason Netflix

Age: 31

Job: Flight Attendant

Instagram: @travel.with.jb

Flight attendant Jason, 31, is ready to find the one, saying ahead of his debut: "I'd tell the person that I fall for, that no matter what, I'll always be there for you."


Jeremy Love Is Blind
Jeremy Netflix

Age: 36

Job: Director/Entrepreneur

Instagram: @jjhrtwll

Director/entrepreneur Jeremy is looking forward to finding love without the distractions of physical attributes, saying: "I don't have to think about what to do. I just have to be myself."


Juhie Love Is Blind
Juhie Netflix

Age: 31

Job: Clinical Therapist

Instagram: @juhie_f

Clinical Therapist Juhie, 31, is one of the contestants on season 2 of the Netflix show. According to her Instagram, she loves to dance. She's also very family orientated, and lists "friends and faith" as important things in her life.


Julius Love Is Blind
Julius Netflix

Age: 39

Job: Logistics Manager

Julius is a 39-year-old Logistics Manager. His Instagram is private, but fans of the show should hopefully see more of him on the series.


Kara Love Is Blind
Kara Netflix

Age: 32

Job: Client Service Manager

Instagram: @kara_williams

Kara is a client service manager from Chicago, who loves food, dogs and basketball.


Kyle Love Is Blind
Kyle Netflix

Age: 29

Job: Glazier


Kyle, 29, works as a glazier. When it comes to dating, he says his biggest pet peeve is someone with a "negative attitude".


Mallory Love Is Blind
Mallory Netflix

Age: 32

Job: Communications Manager

Instagram: @malloryzapata

Mallory is a 32-year-old Communications Manager, who is looking for love. Anyone who wants to be with her will have to love dogs, though.

She says: "I have a really big German Shepherd. And she sheds a lot. But we're a package deal. We come together."


Natalie Love Is Blind
Natalie Netflix

Age: 29

Job: Consulting Manager

Instagram: @natalieminalee

Natalie is a 29-year-old Consulting Manager, who despises name-droppers.

"My biggest pet peeve is when men name-drop and show off. I think that's so lame and distasteful," she says.


Nick Love Is Blind
Nick Netflix

Age: 36

Job: VP of Product Marketing

Instagram: @nthompson513

After struggling to find love, Nick is hoping the pods might be able to help him meet that special person. They'll have to make sure they're tidy, though, as the 36-year-old is a self-confessed "neat-freak".


Olivia Love Is Blind
Olivia Netflix

Age: 29

Job: Recruitment Partner

Instagram: @liv___harris

Olivia, 29, is a recruitment partner.

She's looking for the love of her life, and someone who can clean up after her, saying: "I don't like doing dishes, so my future partner might have to take that over for me."


Rocky Love Is Blind
Rocky Netflix

Age: 30

Job: Executive

Instagram: @rocky_nobullwinkle

From his Instagram, it looks like Rocky loves to travel and ski.


Salvador Love Is Blind
Salvador Netflix

Age: 31

Job: Executive Assistant

Instagram: @salvadior08

Executive Assistant Salvador is looking for someone who loves as strongly as he does.

"I haven't found someone, who appreciates my love as much as I appreciate theirs. That's why I'm here." he says in the trailer.


Shaina Love Is Blind
Shaina Netflix

Age: 32

Job: Hairstylist

Instagram: @shaina.hurley

Shaina is a 32-year-old hairstylist, who is looking for someone genuine.

"I appreciate honesty in all things, especially dating. Just tell the truth," she says.


Shayne Love Is Blind
Shayne Netflix

Age: 32

Job: Real Estate Agent

Instagram: @shaynejansen

Shayne can't stand people who can't keep time, saying: "Someone who is always late is a turn off!"


Shea'na Love Is Blind
Shea'na Netflix

Age: 36

Job: Event Partnership Director

Shea'na's Instagram account appears to be private, but it's likely we'll get to see more of her when she appears on the Netflix series.


Trisha Love is Blind
Trisha Netflix

Age: 30

Job: Broker

Instagram: @trishachicago_

Trisha is a real estate broker from Chicago. From her Instagram, it looks like she likes to travel a lot and spend time with her family and nephews.


Vito Love Is Blind
Vito Love Is Blind Netflix

Age: 33

Job: Pizzeria Owner

Instagram: @vito82

Vito is a 33-year-old Pizzeria Owner. He's managed to maintain a successful business, but hasn't been so lucky in the dating department, which he could have his mouth to thank for, admitting: "I tend not to have a filter."

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