Jason Oppenheim says season 3 of Selling Sunset is best so far: “We’re getting more and more relaxed”

The star said that the cast were "more willing to engage in normal conversations" now they've got used to the cameras.

Selling Sunset: Brett and Jason Oppenheim

A third run of reality TV show Selling Sunset is on Netflix and star Jason Oppenheim has claimed that it is “probably the best season” of the series yet.


Oppenheim explained to RadioTimes.com that when the show first started he and his fellow Selling Sunset cast members were a bit more anxious about being on camera – meaning that they were unable to be their true selves – but says that those nerves have now subsided more and more as time has gone on.

“We’re getting more and more relaxed and becoming more and more ourselves in front of the camera,” he said.

“I think in season 1 we didn’t know really what to expect from the producers, from the show and from the response.

“But now we just don’t even notice the cameras anymore… I felt like everyone was just way more themselves, way more relaxed, way more willing to engage in normal conversations and issues and interpersonal issues.”

The show really took off when its second season aired earlier this year, and Oppenheim claimed that he was surprised at just quote how much more popular the second run of the show was – but he attributes the success to the aforementioned lack of nerves in front of the cameras.

I don’t think we expected season two to take off maybe quite like this,” he said.

“We knew it was a really good season, we knew that we were much more relaxed and ourselves in front of the cameras.

“But, I don’t think we expected it to be several times more popular than season one just in terms of our social media, in terms of the press and our response and the recognition we get when we just leave the house.”

If Oppenheim’s remarks are true – that the third season is the best one yet – then that popularity could be set to increase further still, and the star say’s there’s lots to look forward to in the upcoming run.

He particularly highlights the wedding of Christine Quinn and Christian Richard – which has also been picked out as a high point by his co-star Amanza Smith.

And going forward Oppenheim hopes the show can continue for further series.

“We’re having fun,” he said. “I think everyone is on board, we’re all starting to enjoy it more!”


Selling Sunset season 3 lands on Netflix on Friday 7th August – looking for something else to watch? Check out our guide to the best TV series on Netflix and best movies on Netflix, or visit our TV Guide.