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Race Across the World sneak peak hints at trouble for Shuntelle and Michael

Michael looks to have misplaced his money belt - containing more than half of the team's remaining budget

Published: Sunday, 15th March 2020 at 12:18 pm

Race Across the World returns for the second episode of season 2 tonight - and a sneak peak provided by the BBC shows one of the teams faced with something of a disaster.


Shuntelle and Michael, who are travelling through Honduras as they aim to reach the next checkpoint in Panama City, discover that they have misplaced a crucial item.

Yes - while picking up some supplies at a food shop Michael realises that he's misplaced his money belt, which contains more than half of the pair's remaining budget for the entire race.

Panicking, Michael begins a search for the missing belt - looking at a street food stall, a bus from which he'd recently disembarked and assorted other locations they have recently been such that they can resume their journey with their cash still in tact.

And of course this search uses up valuable time, threatening the team's position in the race.

Take a look at the preview clip and tune in tonight to see if Michael is able to locate the missing belt...

Race Across the World sees five teams undergo an adrenaline-fuelled adventure, with little more than a backpack, limited cash and no phones or internet access, as they race to reach the finish line before their rivals.


Race Across the World returns tonight, Sunday 15th March at 8pm on BBC Two 


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