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When is season 5 of Queer Eye on Netflix? Trailer, filming location and everything you need to know

The Fab Five – Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness – are sticking in Philly

Published: Friday, 22nd May 2020 at 11:00 am

Yasss! Netflix’s most fashionable quintet are returning for a fifth season of Queer Eye.


Just like previous runs, new instalments of the reality show will once again follow the Fab Five – Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness – as they revitalise a whole roster of lucky participants.

Each episode sees the makeover gurus turn their attention to one of these “heroes”, revamping every area of their life, from fashion and grooming to diet, culture, design and self-love.

But when will new episodes land on Netflix? Where will they be set? And who exactly are the Fab Five? Glad you asked…

When is it Queer Eye season five released?

Queer Eye season five is available on Netflix from today.

While previous seasons have consisted of eight episodes, the fifth season will feature 10.

Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski confirmed the release date of the show via Instagram.

It's not yet clear when season six will air, but fans may expect a delay due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Who will be getting a makeover in Queer Eye season 5?

Meet the ten people whose lives will be transformed this series:

Jennifer Sweeney: In 'Silver Lining Sweeney' we meet a mum who thought she had the perfect life..."but nothing is perfect." She is now a full time carer for her husband, John. Her three daughters really want her to make time for herself and have asked the Fab Five to encourage their mum to prioritise her own wellbeing.

Noah Hepler: In 'Preaching Out Loud' we meet the 44-year old pastor struggling to fully embrace his life as a gay man. He spent years wrestling with his sexuality, even marrying a woman, but since moving to Philadelphia he feels he is ready to start dating... he just isn't sure how.

Lily Yi: In 'Paging Dr Yi' we meet a medical student, wife and mum, who says she always feels inadequate trying to juggle the different elements of her work and personal life.

Nate McIntyre: In 'Body Rock or Bust' we meet a personal trainer and gym owner, who has found himself living in his gym. He's so focussed on keeping his community fit and healthy that he has forgotten to look after himself.

Rahanna Gray: In 'Groomer Has It' we meet the dog groomer who prefers her four legged friends to people. Unfortunately business isn't great at the moment, and as a tall lady she's struggling to find clothes to wear too.

Kevin Abernethy: 'Father of the Bride' focusses on a 53-year old man who has struggled to get his life together since his divorce. His daughter is about to get married and she wants him to walk her down the aisle with confidence. But Kevin has recently lost his job and life isn't straight forward...

Tyreek Wanamaker: In 'The North Philadelphia Story' we meet the co-founder of community organisation 'The Block Gives Back' Tyreek's life has been tough - he lost one brother to gun violence, while his other brother is in prison serving a life sentence. Now he finally has a job and a place to live - but can the Fab Five give him his self-esteem back?

Abby Leady: In 'The Anxious Advocate' we meet a 19 year old so passionate about stopping climate change that she has devoted her life to it, taking a gap year to protest with the Sunrise Movement. Abby's mum is worried she's not looking after herself and the Fab Five try to prove there's time for self-care AND saving the world.

Ryan Dyer: In 'DJs on Repeat', we see Ryan enjoying the spotlight when he's doing a DJ set in New Jersey, but losing his confidence the moment the music stops.

Marco Tlacopilco: In 'Father Knows Fish' we meet the fish market owner who has worked his whole life to make a success of his business, after leaving Mexico 20 years ago. The Fab Five are there to smarten up his appearance, but to also help him heal his relationship with his oldest daughter.

Is there a trailer for Queer Eye season 5?

Yep! Netflix has dropped a sneak peek of new episodes – which teases the powerful transformation of a clergyman.

"I have struggled with my identity as a gay person," the white-collar christian says. "I feel like I can't be the kind of leader in the church that I could be."

Not only do the Fab Five look set to fix up his fashion, but they'll enlist the help of LGTBQ+ activists to help the priest come to terms with his past.

Alongside the trailer, Netflix also released plenty of first-look pics, revealing some of the seasons' heroes.

Where was Queer Eye season 5 filmed?

Queer Eye season 5 was filmed in Philadelphia.

Since first airing in 2018, Queer Eye has travelled to Georgia, Missouri, Kansas and Tokyo among other places.

Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Tan France, and Antoni Porowski will head to Texas for Queer Eye season six.

Who are the Fab Five?

Jonathan Van Ness

Hairdresser, podcaster and TV personality Jonathan is known for his eclectic style.

Apart from grooming people on Queer Eye, fans might recognise him from his parody web series Gay of Thrones, where he breaks down Game of Thrones episodes in the most hilarious fashion.

Antoni Porowski

Antoni Porowski is a Canadian television personality, actor, chef and model. He is best known for his food and wine expertise, which he shares with clients on the show.

Tan France

Tanveer Wasim 'Tan' France is an English fashion designer, television personality, and author. He became the first openly gay, South Asian man on television, and the only out gay Muslim man on western television as fashion expert on Queer Eye. He's also the face of Netflix’s Next in Fashion.

He helps the men and women taking part in the makeover process with a complete wardrobe transformation.

Bobby Berk

An interior designer by profession, Bobby helps transform the homes in a way that reflects the personalities of the people participating in the makeover process.

Karamo Brown

Karamo is an American television host, reality television personality, author, and activist.

He began his career in 2004 on the MTV reality show The Real World: Philadelphia, becoming the first openly gay black man on a reality show.

These days, he spends his time sharing his wisdom on the Netflix show as a culture expert offering personal branding and career advice.

When did Queer Eye start?

The series made its Netflix debut in 2018. The show is a reboot of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, a makeover show with a similar premise which aired from 2003 to 2007

The show revolves around the five gay men travelling to different communities in the US and around the world to help men and women who've been nominated by their friends and family to receive help with their homes, fashion, grooming regime and other elements of their lives.

Along with helping with aesthetic elements, the Fab Five also offer emotional support as well as a much-needed boost in self-confidence.


Queer Eye Season 1, 2, 3, 4 and Queer Eye: We're in Japan! are available to stream on Netflix. You can also check out the best Netflix series and best Netflix movies to keep you entertained or visit to our TV guide for more to watch.


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