Paul Hollywood samples an oven-baked tarantula in a first-look clip from his new series, Paul Hollywood Eats Mexico.


The new Channel 4 culinary series is billed as a three-week adventure, in which Hollywood explores the "character, culture and history of Mexico through its food and drink".

In the short clip, released exclusively by, the Great British Bake Off judge tucks into the creepy-crawly delicacy – but is less than impressed with its lack of flavour.

"Right. Tarantula. How do they cook this?" he asks, before discovering that the large spider is baked simply in the oven

"Delicious, yeah," he says sarcastically, before biting into a tarantula leg. "There is no flavour," he adds.

Over the course of the series, Hollywood samples "fresh cactus, the country’s hottest chilli, the perfect taco, Michelin quality street food and even a scorpion".

Speaking about his time in Mexico, Hollywood said that he would recommend viewers "give tarantula a wide berth".

"Tacos were the big thing I grew very fond of [while in Mexico]. They were just beautiful, proper corn tortillas. I've been so used to having wheat tortillas, but corn tortillas carry more flavour," he said.

"The fillings that we managed to put in there, everything from pork to tarantula, it was fascinating... I'd give tarantula a wide berth. I would concentrate on the pork, it was incredible."

Asked what his favourite thing about Mexico was, he responded: "The people. The people are amazing, very friendly and welcoming.

"I was with a biker group riding around Mexico City in 33 degrees just roasting and eating so much amazing food. The whole journey was incredible. The Mayan temple was amazing."

Paul Hollywood Eats Mexico begins on Sunday 10th July at 9pm on Channel 4 & All 4.

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