Paddy McGuinness has spoken out about the future of Top Gear ahead of its highly anticipated turn this evening.


The Bolton-born comedian has been a host on the motoring show since 2019, alongside Freddie Flintoff (who joined in the same year) and Chris Harris (who signed up in 2016), but admitted in a recent interview with that the presenting line-up will probably change again in the future - after all, it's already had 12 hosts to date.

While discussing whether the show ever needs to reinvent itself now it's 32 seasons in, Paddy said: “It's our show now and we're all in it, you know, and who knows further down the line it'll stop here or carry on going… it'll always change hosts.

"But for now, it's not a case to reinvent – it’s just keeping up the good vibes of it and keeping the viewers interested which it does every series it gets more and more viewers. And that's all we can do. Those feelings of reinventing it and pressure and everything else kind of went with the first series for me."

Chris added: “You never know what's going to happen to you around the corner. But it's a great fun job. And it appears to be a brand that's working well for us and the BBC. So, crack on!”

The new season lands on BBC One tonight, and marks a return of non-UK adventures for the trio.

Top Gear hosts in RV (BBC)
Top Gear hosts in the RV (BBC)

Right from the off, the hosts travel to Florida for a banter-filled trip in an RV around the Everglades to find some weird and wonderful local motorsports.

Speaking about the return to form, Chris said: "I think we kind of exhausted the UK-only stuff. And even though the UK has been a fantastic place to shoot and we showcased so many corners of it, I think we were ready to travel.

"When we stepped off the plane in Miami, we were just like kids in a sweet shop and we wanted to get on with it. The RV was was the perfect place to base our silly adventure. I just really, really enjoyed it."

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