A Place in the Sun host Laura Hamilton has revealed that the show is set for a schedule change - with the long running property programme moving to a prime time slot from October.


Speaking exclusively to RadioTimes.com, Hamilton - who has been a presenter on the Channel 4 show since 2012 - said, "We've got a run of 40 episodes going out in August... and then in October the show will go prime time - and we just have to watch this space with what happens after that point."

Speaking about the move, she added, "I just think that it's a great thing for the show, so many people know it... but this then gives an opportunity for people that will actually be able to watch it the evening."

The move follows news that ratings for the show, which has been running for two decades, had reached an all time high during lockdown, something Hamilton credits to the escapism it is able to offer viewers.

"A Place in the Sun has been like the perfect TV to watch in lockdown," she said. "Because, you know that escapism, that feel good, sunshine, blue skies...so it's been the perfect kind of TV for escapism."

And the good news for fans is that after a lengthy gap to filming caused by the pandemic, production on new episodes is beginning again this week - with Hamilton due to fly out to Spain, where she'll live until September as she shoots new episodes.

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The presenter is looking forward to getting up and running again - not least because she's intrigued to see what kind of impact the situation has had on the property market.

"It's such an amazing show to be part of, to be such a big part of people's lives and making such a big difference to them and their future so I'm looking forward to getting into that again" she said.

"And I'm interested to see how the property market's going to be affected abroad and you know what people's responses are to the situation and wanting to buy."

She added, "In a survey the number one thing people said they would do if they came into money was to buy a holiday home abroad because they want to feel safe and secure knowing that they're the only ones going to it. So I think it will probably mean even more people wanting to buy a property abroad than ever before!"

As is the case for every show starting up filming again after a long gap caused by the coronavirus disruption, filming will be a little different from before - with a range of new safety measures and regulations put in place to ensure the safety of the cast and crew- and Hamilton stresses she's unsure how this will affect the way the show looks to viewers.

"I think there will have to (be changes to the way the show looks) because obviously everyone has had to adapt to the situation, no matter what you're doing.

"We have obviously got procedures in place but until we're actually there doing it we don't know how that's actually going to transpire onto the TV show."

One thing's for sure, if the ratings for the show during lockdown are anything to go by there's certainly an appetite for new episodes - regardless of what small changes there might be.


A Place in the Sun returns with brand new episodes in August 2020 - find out what else to watch with our TV Guide.