James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke deemed as ‘fake’

The popular Carpool Karaoke segment has come under fire after footage showed Corden's car being towed along by a truck

LOS ANGELES - NOVEMBER 21: James Corden performs the monologue during

A video released on social media appears to expose The Late Late Show with James Corden‘s popular segment Carpool Karaoke as ‘fake’, prompting producer Ben Winston to respond to the claims.


In the video, The Late Late Show host Corden and his musical guest Justin Bieber can be seen filming the Carpool segment, which usually features Corden driving to work alongside a famous singer and the pair of them singing along to the guest’s tracks.

However, in the new video, Corden’s car is shown being towed along by a truck in front — meaning Corden wasn’t driving the car as fans previously assumed.

However, The Late Late Show executive producer Ben Winston has hit back at claims that the video means Corden never drives the Carpool Karaoke car.

“Not true! We only use a rig when we are doing a “stunt” as part of the Carpool – when it would be impossible for James to drive!,” he wrote on Twitter. “This has occurred only maybe 4 times in 50 or so carpools… Safety is key!”


Meanwhile, The Late Late Show’s official Twitter had a more tongue-in-cheek approach to the backlash, tweeting, “guys, we don’t even use a real car,” alongside a picture of Corden and Samuel L. Jackson sitting behind a fake driving wheel during a show spoof of Jackson’s film Pulp Fiction.