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Derren Brown to celebrate 20 years on TV with live stunt this summer

The two-hour special will see the illusionist look back on some of his most mind-blowing moments.

Derren Brown
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Published: Thursday, 16th July 2020 at 12:01 am

Derren Brown is celebrating 20 years on Channel 4 with a new stunt, set to be performed and broadcasted live this summer.


In Derren Brown – 20 Years of Mind Control: Live, the illusionist will perform his latest psychological trick live on air, before revisiting some of his "most jaw-dropping" TV moments over the past two decades.

The two-hour special will see Brown look back at some of his most iconic clips, including Russian Roulette Live and the time he correctly predicted the National Lottery result, with viewers able to vote for their favourite Derren Brown moment.

Throughout the show, the public will be asked to choose from a shortlist of five stunts – Russian Roulette, The Heist, Hero at 30,000ft, Apocalypse and Pushed to the Edge – with Brown revealing the winning moment at the end of the special.

Brown, who released his last show Sacrifice in 2018, is set to surprise one unsuspecting viewer during the special, throughout which he will reveal the "incredible stories" and "meticulous logistics" behind each of his stunts.

"Twenty years! That was quick. And what a treat to be given this night by the broadcaster that have been so very supportive and nurturing over that time," said Brown in a statement.

"I can’t imagine two decades with anyone else. It’s going to be a fun night."

Phil Harris, Channel 4's Head of Entertainment added: "There are very few people within the entertainment industry capable of raising the exhilaration stakes in quite the way Derren does and with him at the helm, this very special celebration should be no different."

The 49-year-old made his television debut in 2000 with Channel 4 series Derren Brown: Mind Control, and has since filmed six shows and 13 specials.

Brown's shortlist of stunts include Apocalypse, a 2012 two-part special in which a random member of the public was made to think that he was living in a zombie wasteland, as well as 2010's Hero at 30,000ft, in which Brown hypnotised a man with a flying phobia into piloting a fake plane.

Brown's last stage show, Secret, ran from September 2019 until January, with the illusionist's next show, Showman, set to tour the UK and Ireland from February 2021 onwards.


Derren Brown – 20 Years of Mind Control: Live will air on Channel 4 later this summer. 


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