Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal returns to Channel 4 as a judge on a brand new experimental cooking contest.


Blumenthal is one of three chefs, alongside Niklas Ekstedt and Carla Hall, who stars in Crazy Delicious, hosted by comedian Jayde Adams.

The show sees the three culinary experts set difficult challenges for some of the nation’s most talented food lovers.

Here’s everything you need to know…

When can I watch Crazy Delicious?

Crazy Delicious continues on Channel 4 on Tuesday 11th February at 8pm. The competition will run for six episodes in total, keeping with the Tuesday evening time slot. It will also be available to watch on All 4 shortly after broadcast.

What happens on Crazy Delicious?

The participants on the show will be tasked with impressing the formidable trio of Heston Blumenthal, Niklas Ekstedt and Carla Hall by creating a series of meals with “originality, visual flair and extraordinary flavours.”

But this is a cooking show with a twist – and, since Blumenthal is involved in the series, it has a few rather eccentric and unusual elements.

For one the series is the first food show to boast an edible set, yes, that’s right – an edible set!


The set takes the shape of an enchanted garden including chocolate soil, edible blossom and a drinkable babbling brook, from which the competitors must source their ingredients.

On each episode, there will be three cooks competing for the prize – the Gods' golden apple, which is given out by the three judges.

The next episode will challenge food lovers Bethie, Lily and Joseph to impress the judges in three culinary tasks. The first is to come up with a brand new banana-based dish, followed by having to create an imaginative pizza. Finally, the two best cooks will have to produce a unique take on a barbecue.

Who are the judges?

Carla Hall, Heston Blumenthal, Niklas Ekstedt

Heston Blumenthal will be well known to both foodies and fans of TV – the award-winning experimental chef has been a regular fixture on telly for a number of years.

One of Blumenthal's restaurants, The Fat Duck, has the enviable record of boasting three Michelin stars and having been voted the world’s best restaurant in 2005. Previous TV appearances include Heston’s Feasts and Heston’s Great British Food.

The other two might be lesser known but both have impressive pedigree - Swedish chef Niklas Ekstedt also boasts a Michelin star and has appeared on several TV shows in his homeland, while American Clara Hall has been part of a range of US cooking shows including Top Chef and The Chew.

Is there a promotional video?

Yes! You can have a first look at the show below…


And here are some pictures of the judges and host enjoying that edible set…