Benny Hill returns to UK TV for the first time in nearly 20 years

That's TV Christmas is delving back into the archives this festive season.

Benny Hill

TV favourites from days gone by, including The Benny Hill Show and Beadle’s About, are coming to UK screens again this Christmas with the launch of seasonal channel That’s TV Christmas (That’s TV Gold).


The Benny Hill Show was a British staple, running for almost four decades, first on BBC and then ITV.

Comedian Benny Hill’s shows were exported to more than 120 countries but haven’t been licensed to any UK broadcasters for 19 years.

Now, UK viewers have the chance to sit down in front of The Benny Hill Show once again, with the first hour of That’s TV Christmas, kicking off tonight at 9pm, airing a double bill of the comedy classic.

In addition, That’s TV Christmas will be airing festive favourites from yesteryear like four Carry On Christmas specials and festive specials from Kenny Everett and Mike Yarwood.

That’s TV Christmas says it will display on-screen messages that bring to the attention of viewers that some of the content featured in the shows reflects the standards of the time in which the shows were originally created.

That’s TV Christmas Head of Programming, Kris Vaiksalu, said: “We are excited to have secured the rights to two of the biggest shows in British TV history, The Benny Hill Show and Beadle’s About, for our seasonal rebrand this year. These shows are part of our national cultural heritage. Watching age-old comedy is a national Christmas tradition but for two decades these particular favourites have been missing from the festivities.

“We all need some festive cheer following the past year. Our viewers have inundated us with requests to show Benny Hill and we’re thrilled to be able to make this Christmas wish come true. But there are lots more crackers on That’s TV Christmas. We’ve lined up a Christmas TV nostalgia-fest with some of the most famous names in TV and music from the past four decades. We aim to give our viewers a special Christmas time full of magical memories. You better watch out… because Benny Hill and Jeremy Beadle are back on your telly this Christmas!”

That’s TV Christmas is the seasonal rebrand for That’s TV Gold, which is available in the UK on Freeview channel 91, Sky channel 187 and Freesat channel 178. Many That’s TV Christmas shows will also be available on That’s TV’s local TV network which is available in 20 areas of the UK on Freeview channel 7 or 8.


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