The Surjury participants to be “psychologically assessed” before joining Channel 4 show with Caroline Flack

Channel 4 said the “duty of care to contributors is of paramount importance”


Contestants hoping to undergo plastic surgery on controversial new Channel 4 series, The Surjury, will be “psychologically assessed” before taking part.
The upcoming reality show, fronted by Caroline Flack, will invite a jury to decide whether or not a participant should be granted their dream procedure.
The premise has sparked concerns over the wellbeing of potential participants, but Channel 4 has said implementing a level of care is “paramount”.
A Channel 4 spokesperson told “Duty of care to contributors is of paramount importance and all will be independently assessed by the clinic who will carry out their procedure.
“They will be psychologically assessed and supported regarding their involvement in the programme.”


Channel 4 said the show will “explore why so many people feel the need to change their bodies, and whether surgery actually makes them happier”.
The show will allow those who have “actively been seeking surgery of their own accord” to “consult with surgical teams and then to discuss their reasons for wanting it with a panel of their peers”.
A statement read: “If their peers support their decision they will undergo the procedure of their choice subject to the usual surgical checks and consent processes. The show will neither glamorise nor condemn their choices: the aim is instead to interrogate the realities of cosmetic surgery. “