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Will The Nest return for season 2 on BBC One?

The surrogacy drama has been a modest success

Published: Friday, 24th April 2020 at 11:13 am

BBC One's surrogacy thriller The Nest has recently come to a close, leaving fans to wonder whether more episodes could be on the way in the future.


The series stars Gentleman Jack's Sophie Rundle and Line of Duty's Martin Compston as a wealthy couple who are unable to conceive a child themselves.

They look towards a troubled teenager named Kaya (Sex Education's Mirren Mack) to be a surrogate, but in doing so they set themselves on a dangerous path to self-destruction.

The Nest draws attention to the societal problems that Glasgow faces and asks who is really being exploited - the wealthy couple with everything to lose or the entrepreneurial yet vulnerable teen?

Will there be a second series of The Nest?

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 01/02/2020 - Programme Name: The Nest - TX: n/a - Episode: Portraits (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: L-R Dan (MARTIN COMPSTON), Emily (SOPHIE RUNDLE), Kaya (MIRREN MACK) - (C) Studio Lambert - Photographer: Mark Mainz

There is yet to be any official confirmation as to whether The Nest will return to BBC One for series two.

Writer Nicole Taylor (Three Girls) has described The Nest as "the story I’ve wanted to tell all my life," which is very much reflected in how the series wraps up its suspenseful plot quite neatly in episode five.

Speaking during a BBC Writersroom Q&A, she said, "I said to someone recently that I never understand why writers write second series where there's a first series that concludes satisfactorily, but now I do because I miss the characters so much. I could write for them forever. And the world forever. Because I know it really well and loved writing it.

"There's definitely more story there, but the audience is pleased and I think people are satisfied."

This suggests that the series could be a one-and-done, but it's been popular enough that a follow-up is by no means impossible.

We'll update this page with more information about The Nest series two as it comes in...

What happened at the end of The Nest series one?

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 17/03/2020 - Programme Name: The Nest - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 1) - Picture Shows: L-R Emily (SOPHIE RUNDLE), Kaya (MIRREN MACK), Dan (MARTIN COMPSTON) - (C) Studio Lambert - Photographer: Mark Mainz

*Warning: spoiler alert for The Nest series one*

The tense thriller ended on an unexpectedly happy note - although it turned out that Dan and Emily's baby wasn't biologically theirs (nor was it Kaya's baby - there has been a mix-up with embryos at the clinic), they decided to keep it, eventually with Kaya's blessing after she had faced her demons about her own mother.

Speaking about the show's various potential endings during the planning stage, writer Nicole Taylor said that originally they'd contemplated a much more downbeat finale.

"At one point, no- one could have the baby," she said. "But we decided that would be a very frustrating end for the audience and a very downbeat ending. Given it went out when we just had gone into lockdown, thank God that wasn't the ending! What a downer!

"Most dramas like this end on a bit of a downer, and actually that's the last thing people needed. They needed to watch something that was exciting, that sped past and they could feel nice at the end. But without being given anything sentimental or untrue. I researched what the outcome would be with real social workers and it had to satisfy that truth too…"


The Nest is available to stream on BBC iPlayer


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