The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series in the works at Amazon

The series will not be directly linked to the books or films, telling a new story in a new setting

Disgraced financial reporter Mikael Blomkvist finds a chance to redeem his honor after being hired by wealthy Swedish industrialist Henrik Vanger to solve the 40-year-old murder of Vanger's niece, Harriet. Vanger believes that Harriet was killed by a member of his own family. Eventually joining Blomkvist on his dangerous quest for the truth is Lisbeth Salander, an unusual but ingenious investigator whose fragile trust is not easily won.

A brand new TV series based on Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo novels is being developed by Amazon.


According to Variety the series will be a standalone project based on the character Lisbeth Salander, and will feature a new storyline, new setting and new characters.

It will therefore not be directly linked to the novels or the films which have previously been released – including the 2011 movie starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara or the 2018 reboot The Girl in the Spider’s Web which saw The Crown star Claire Foy take on the lead role of Lisbeth.

Little else about the series has been revealed – no writer is currently attached to the project and neither has a lead actress been cast.

The character Lisbeth has already been portrayed by a number of actresses – in addition to Mara and Foy, the part was played by Noomi Rapace in the original 2009 Swedish-language film and it’s sequels – and it seems likely that it might prove a sought-after role.

Lisbeth is the main character in Larsson’s book series, also known as the Millenium trilogy, and is a world class computer hacker described in the novels as “a pale, androgynous young woman who has hair as short as a fuse, and a pierced nose and eyebrows”.

The series will be the latest in a long line of TV shows that have previously been big screen projects, with notable examples including Noah Hawley’s Fargo and the recent Snowpiercer series.


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