It's the final season of Strike Back... again! The adrenaline-fuelled thrill-ride charting the action-packed exploits of British intelligence service Section 20 was originally set to end with its fifth season, but was later revived for a sixth and seventh run of episodes with an all-new cast.

The upcoming eighth season, though, really is the final mission for Mac (Warren Brown) and the team... here's everything you need to know about Strike Back's explosive finale.

When is Strike Back on TV in 2020?

Strike Back's final season – also known as Strike Back: Vendetta – premiered 14th January on Cinemax in the US. It will air on Sky One and NOW TV in the UK from 25th February at 9pm.

Strike Back cast: Who is returning?

Warren Brown (Sergeant Thomas 'Mac' McAllister), Daniel MacPherson (Sergeant Samuel Wyatt), Alin Sumarwata (Lance Corporal Gracie Novin), Jamie Bamber (Colonel Alexander Coltrane) and Varada Sethu (Lance Corporal Manisha Chetri) are all back for the final season.

Strike Back cast
Sky UK Limited

Guest stars joining this series include Ivana Miličević (Gotham) and Alec Secăreanu (Baptiste).

This being Strike Back's swansong, it's possible that other characters from the past could return for one final bow – Philip Winchester (Michael Stonebridge) and Sullivan Stapleton (Damien Scott) previously made a guest appearance in season six, Retribution, after departing the show as regulars at the end of its fifth season. Could they make another cameo before Strike Back ends?

Strike Back: Vendetta – what will happen in the final season?

In this ultimate outing for Strike Back, the kidnapping of a British scientist leads Section 20 into a conspiracy involving a terror group on the rise, presenting our heroes with a threat more dangerous than ever before.

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The mission takes them to the world of the Albanian Mafia in the Balkans, the colourful parades of Venice and onto Tel Aviv, where they'll battle street gangs and corrupt property developers, facing foes past and present.

But when a terror attack rocks a European city, the team realise that there are even darker forces at work...

Is there a trailer for Strike Back: Vendetta?

Yes – you can get an idea of what to expect from the final season (clue: lots of action!) by watching the trailer that US broadcaster Cinemax put out in January.

What happened in Strike Back seasons 1-7? Where can I watch Strike Back?

Strike Back has actually undergone a soft reboot not once but twice, with three distinct versions of the show airing between 2010 and 2020.

The first season starred Richard Armitage as John Porter, an SAS veteran who joins up with Section 20, now headed by his old comrade-in-arms Hugh Collinson (Andrew Lincoln).

Porter was killed off in the first episode of season two – a result of Armitage having a scheduling clash with filming on the Hobbit movies – with two new leads, Michael Stonebridge and Damian Scott (see above), taking his place and continuing to front the following three seasons.

Strike Back season 2
Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester); Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) HBO USA/ Sky1 HD/ Left Bank Pictures

Strike Back's fifth season, Legacy, was intended to be the final season, ending with Scott and Stonebridge retiring from active duty.

The show was rebooted again with 2017's Strike Back: Retribution, the first to feature the current character line-up of Mac, Samuel Wyatt and Grace Novin, along with Captain Natalie Reynolds (Roxanne McKee) – with Scott and Stonebridge returning for a guest appearance having become 'independent contractors' hired by the British government to carry out sensitive and potentially dangerous operations.

The seventh season saw Jamie Bamber join the cast Section 20's new commanding officer Colonel Alexander Coltrane, with Yasemin Kay Allen also making her debut as Katrina Zarkova, a Russian agent in South-East Asia.