Silent Witness returned to our TV screens for a brand-new series and while fans were thrilled to see Emilia Fox's Nikki Alexander again, they weren't quite so happy about the show's new musical arrangement.

The intro which accompanies the opening credits of the BBC crime drama didn't sound the same, and fans just couldn't understand why.

How were they supposed to sing along with their own made up lyrics now?

So many hours of vocal practice had gone to waste...

But still, there was a brand new episode of Silent Witness to ease the blow. The first instalment of the new series, titled Moment of Surrender, saw the team investigate the murder of a man found in a reservoir and the disappearance of a fellow pathologist. readers thought it was a smashing return for the show, with 87% of those polled giving it a thumbs up.

The first mystery concludes on BBC1 at 9pm on Tuesday January 9th.

Silent Witness continues on BBC1 on Monday and Tuesday nights at 9pm