Will there be a second series of Sanditon?

Screenwriter Andrew Davies says there's "lots more stories to tell"


Most Jane Austen adaptations have a definite ending which jumps straight from page to screen – but Sanditon is a different kind of creature.


That’s because screenwriter Andrew Davies was working with Austen’s final unfinished novel, using the 11 original chapters she wrote as a starting point for the eight-part drama. Most of the story has been down to his own imagination.

And after series one, Sanditon fans will be wondering if there could be a second series on the way…

Will there be a second series of Sanditon?

Charlotte Heywood (ROSE WILLIAMS) in Sanditon

That remains to be seen! The broadcaster hasn’t yet announced a decision – watch this space for updates.

But ahead of the show’s launch, Andrew Davies told press: “We would love it to come back as a second series. Lots more story to tell.”

As for what might happen next, he revealed: “I do have a few ideas.


“And in fact the way we end series one, I hope we’ve ended at a point where the audience is going to say: well you can’t end it at that!”