Wunmi Mosaku as Detective Inspector Vanessa Mercer

Wunmi Mosaku, Kiri (Channel 4, EH)

DI Mercer, who grew up in care herself, is leading the investigation into Kiri’s disappearance. She is smart and kind but is also under immense pressure to find the truth.


Where do I recognise Wunmi Mosaku from?

Wunmi has had a busy TV career, having appeared in Moses Jones, Silent Witness and the movies Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Batman v Superman.

Lia Williams as Alice

Lia Williams, Kiri (Channel 4, EH)

Kiri’s white foster mother, Alice, is fiercely intelligent yet troubled. Her marriage is stale and her relationship with her son Simon is loving but strained.

Where do I recognise Lia Williams from?

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Most recently seen in Netflix’s The Crown as Wallis Simpson, Williams has also starred in the JK Rowing adaptation, Strike, as well as The Missing and Doc Martin.

Steven Mackintosh as Jim Warner

Kiri (Channel 4, EH)

Jim is Kiri’s white foster father, a hard-working and friendly guy – but his marriage to Alice is faltering.

Where do I recognise Steven Mackintosh from?

You might have seen him in Criminal Justice, Luther or Inside Men. More recently, he has starred in The Halcyon and Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.

Finn Bennett as Simon Warner

Kiri (Channel 4, EH)

Alice and Jim’s son Simon is 15 years old and is a bit of a misanthrope. He doesn’t have any friends and is frustrated by the adults around him, but he hides his emotions behind a tough exterior.

Where do I recognise Finn Bennett from?


Kiri is Bennett’s third TV appearance, following a small role in ITV’s Liar and an appearance in the BBC film Cider with Rosie from 2015.