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London is on fire as residents face death in first look at Sky One drama Cobra

The high-octane drama will follow the British government during a national emergency

Published: Friday, 10th January 2020 at 8:43 am

Londoners are facing imminent death after coming under attack in the first look at new Sky Original drama, Cobra.


Residents are told they “will die” in the explosive trailer which was shared exclusively with

“This is the Prime Minister,” narrates Robert Carlyle in the opening seconds as power outages plunge the capital into darkness and the threat level is raised to serious. “The situation in London today is very grave. Without fuel and supplies, people in the worst affected areas will die.”

Houses are seen on fire as residents rise up against the government, which promises "we will turn the lights on again".

Cobra follows the British government during a national emergency as the nation loses power, and questions whether a team of Britain's leading experts, working under the name COBRA, can save society from collapse.

The upcoming drama sports a stellar British cast with Carlyle as the Prime Minister, Victoria Hamilton as his Chief of Staff and David Haig as the Home Secretary.


The six-part series, penned by writer Ben Richards, will premiere on Sky One/NOW TV in January 2020.


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