Jake Gyllenhaal auditioned for Lord of the Rings and it was a total nightmare

It was so bad that Peter Jackson said he was the worst actor he'd ever seen...


Jake Gyllenhaal revealed that he had an absolute nightmare when he auditioned for the part of Frodo in Lord of the Rings.


The Brokeback Mountain actor told Jimmy Fallon that it was so bad, director Peter Jackson said to him, “You are the worst actor that I have ever seen.”

Harsh words for a wannabe Frodo to hear.

Here’s what went wrong in his hilariously awful audition:

1) He was asked to walk up to a box, open it, and take out a ring. Confused by what Jackson wanted, he just took out the ring in a really casual way. Not at all like someone who has discovered the source of ultimate power in Middle Earth.

2) He says his agents were so excited to get him the audition, they forgot to tell him that he needed to put on an English accent for the part. Jackson did not like relaxed-about-the-ring American Frodo.

Despite this nightmarish experience, Gyllenhaal said he still feels like a Hobbit at heart.


Watch Gyllenhaal tell the story of the time he didn’t nearly get the part of Frodo…