Meet the cast of The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco

Rachael Stirling and Julie Graham return as the murder-solving former codebreakers – but this time they're working with some new American friends

The cast of The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco

The Bletchley Circle is taking a field trip. Two of our favourite characters from the original ITV series – Millie and Jean – are off to San Francisco to solve a string of gruesome murders by a killer who leaves behind strange patterns and messages.


While Anna Maxwell Martin and Sophie Rundle are not taking part in the revival as codebreakers Susan and Lucy, a whole new set of characters are ready to meet Millie and Jean on the other side of the Atlantic.

Here are the characters who’ll be returning – and the new stars joining the ITV drama.

Rachael Stirling plays Millie Harcourt

Rachael Stirling plays Millie Harcourt in The Bletchley Circle

Who is Millie Harcourt? An independent-minded, single woman who worked as a code-breaker at Bletchley during the war. She has travelled the world in search of adventure, but has always been haunted by the unsolved murder of her colleague in 1942 on the way home from a party.

Where have I seen Rachael Stirling before? The English actress will be familiar to fans of the original The Bletchley Circle, having starred as Millie in 2012-14. Her other roles have included Becky in Detectorists and Nancy Astley in Tipping the Velvet alongside Keeley Hawes.

Julie Graham plays Jean McBrian

Julie Graham plays Jean McBrian in The Bletchley Circle

Who is Jean McBrian? During the war, Jean worked as the supervisor of the younger codebreakers at Bletchley. Now she works as a librarian and, like Millie, she is single. She is an extremely intelligent woman with frustrated ambitions.

Where have I seen Julie Graham before? You’ve already seen her as Jean McBrian in the original series of The Bletchley Circle back in 2012-14. The Scottish actress has a television CV as long as your arm, with roles including Sheren in Benidorm, Rhona Kelly in Shetland, Mandy Lewis in Being Eileen and Abby Grant in Survivors.

Crystal Balint plays Iris Bearden

Crystal Balint plays Iris Bearden in The Bletchley Circle

Who is Iris Bearden? While we’ve met Millie and Jean before in the original Bletchley Circle, this series takes us to San Francisco and introduces us to a key new character: Iris.

Millie and Jean actually worked with her during the war as US and UK forces shared coded intelligence across the Atlantic, but now they have discovered her true identity and met her in person. She lives in San Francisco’s Fillmore district with her husband and has two children – including a son who’s an activist. While Iris is reluctant to get involved, she is troubled by the murders in her community.

Where have I seen Crystal Balint before? Her recent credits have included Mech-X4 as Grace Walker, Barb Allen in The Good Doctor, and Heather in Prison Break.

Chanelle Peloso plays Hailey Yarner

Chanelle Peloso plays Hailey Yarner in The Bletchley Circle

Who is Hailey Yarner? Iris is the one who brings young Hailey on board. A mechanical and engineering genius, she has already been through a lot after leaving home at 16, but she is still charmingly naiive and enthusiastic.

Where have I seen Chanelle Peloso before? Upcoming actress Chanelle Peloso has made appearances in Supernatural, Incredible Crew, and Level Up. She’ll next appear in the TV show Sacred Lies.

Jennifer Spence plays Olivia Mori

Jennifer Spence plays Olivia Mori in The Bletchley Circle

Who is Olivia Mori? Olivia worked with Iris and Hailey during the war, but wants to draw a firm line under those years so she can move on with her life in the police force. She’s ambitious and has had to fight against prejudice against her race and gender.

Where have I seen Jennifer Spence before? The Canadian-born actress played Carmen in the TV series You Me Her, and was The B’ah in Van Helsing. In SGU Stargate Universe she was Lisa Park.

Agape Mngomezulu plays Dennis Bearden

Agape Mngomezulu plays Dennis Bearden in The Bletchley Circle

Who is Dennis Bearden? The son of Iris and her husband Marcus. He is a kind-hearted and passionate young man who wants to save his community in the Fillmore district from eviction and ‘regeneration’.

Where have I seen Agape Mngomezulu before? Relative newcomer Mngomezulu made an appearance as Nate in Supernatural, and also featured in iZombie.

Colin Lawrence plays Marcus Bearden

Colin Lawrence plays Marcus Bearden in The Bletchley Circle

Who is Marcus Bearden? Husband of Iris. He has no idea what she did during the war, or about what his wife and her new-found friends are getting up to now as they try to solve the murder mystery.

Where have I seen Colin Lawrence before? You may remember him as Hamish “Skulls” McCall from the Battlestar Galactica reboot, or as Benjamin Abani from The Killing. More recently he’s played Coach Clayton in Riverdale.

Ben Cotton plays Detective Bill Bryce

Ben Cotton plays Detective Bill Bryce in The Bletchley Circle

Who is Detective Bill Bryce? A detective in San Francisco.

Where have I seen Ben Cotton before? The Canadian actor played Dr Kavanagh in the TV series Stargate Atlantis. His other credits have included The Killing (as Pastor Mike), Hellcats (as Travis Guthrie) and The X-Files (as Mr Paulsen).


This article was originally published in July 2018