Fans of both true crime and sport are in luck with Netflix's latest release Bad Sport – a brand new docuseries about some of the biggest scandals in basketball, horse racing, football and other games.


From the producers of Don't F**k with Cats and Three Identical Strangers, Bad Sport speaks to the athletes, coaches and law enforcement officials involved in some of the most talked-about controversies in sporting history, from race car driver Randy Lanier's drug smuggling racket to cricket player Hansie Cronje's involvement in match-fixing.

The series arrived on Netflix today, with six episodes about criminal cases in sport – but are all episodes being released at once?

Read on for everything you need to know about Bad Sport on Netflix.

Bad Sport release schedule

Brand new docu-series Bad Sport is now available to stream on Netflix.

Unlike Netflix's other sports docu-series Untold, Bad Sport isn't being released in instalments but all at once.

All six episodes are on Netflix now for viewers to watch and tackle the following topics:

  • Episode 1: Hoop Schemes – The players involved in the 1994 Arizona State basketball point-shaving scandal explain why they chose to fix the match
  • Episode 2: Need for Weed Small-time marijuana dealer Randy Lanier decides to fund his passion for race car driving by taking his drugs racket to a new level
  • Episode 3: Footballgate – A look at the shocking allegations that former Juventus director Luciano Moggi influenced referees in Italian football
  • Episode 4: Gold War The 2002 Winter Olympics is disrupted by controversy when a figure skating judge is allegedly pressured to rank Russia over Canada in the pairs competition
  • Episode 5: Horse Hitman – Contract horse killer Tommy Burns speaks about his part in the insurance fraud scheme, where wealthy horse owners would ask him to kill their show horses
  • Episode 6: Fallen Idol – A look at South Africa's charismatic cricket captain Hansie Cronje and the allegations of match fixing that destroyed his reputation

What is Bad Sport about?

Bad Sport: Hoop Schemes
Bad Sport: Hoop Schemes Netflix

Bad Sport is a new docu-series which looks at some of the biggest controversies within the sporting world with the help of archive footage and firsthand accounts from those involved.

The true crime series examines six stories in particular, including the fixing allegations at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic figure skating competition, Indycar driver Randy Lanier's marijuana-smuggling operation and the Arizona State University basketball point-shaving scheme.

Other episodes centre around horse hitman Tommy Burns and his insurance fraud ring, the Italian football match-fixing scandal at Calciopoli and South African cricket captain Hansie Cronje's fall from grace.

Bad Sport trailer

Netflix released a trailer for Bad Sport in September, teasing its deep dives into some of sport's biggest criminal cases as well as interviews with the figures involved such Randy Lanier, the race car driver who served 27 years in prison for drug smuggling.

Bad Sport is available to stream on Netflix now. Read our guides to the best series on Netflix and the best movies on Netflix.


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