Exacting head butler Sean stole the show on ITV's docuseries The Savoy when he introduced viewers to his storeroom, which was cluttered with objects of indeterminate age, use and provenance.


A VIP guest jokingly requested "Red Admiral butterfly milk" (at least, we think she was joking) and Sean said that he needed to be ready to satisfy the most demanding of guests, qualifying this by stating: "I am the wind beneath their wings".

His storeroom had viewers searching for descriptors. Possibly the best was the viewer who compared it to the neat-freak Friends character Monica, whose cupboard hid her deepest secret: she was a closet slob.

The storeroom was an Aladdin's cave of junk. Everything you could possibly never want or need seemed to be stored there, from picnic baskets to retro juicing machines, coffee makers and VHS players.

Not everyone felt quite so strongly about Sean. As head butler at a luxurious hotel like The Savoy he had to maintain high standards.

One fan posted: "Sean the butler from #thesavoy kills me he’s so funny".

Another wrote: "If I ever win the lotto, im booking into #thesavoy a full on butler suite and Sean as my butler".

The BAFTA sequence of Wednesday's episode was short on A-list stars, although BAFTA Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema winner Andy Serkis was staying at the hotel with his family.

The Savoy's policy of not identifying guests wasn't relayed to the front-of-house staff, however.

Energy was expended trying to identify which BAFTA nominee was staying in Room 618.

Whoever it was came back to The Savoy empty handed and Sean, soul of discretion that he is, didn't identify him or her.

ITV's series is best enjoyed with something bubbly, according to many viewers... even if it did come from Aldi.

A four-part series, The Savoy concludes on ITV on Thursday 15th October.


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