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Huw Edwards presented the News at Ten the wrong way round and people couldn't handle it

Did you spot this significant change to the BBC's News at Ten?

Huw Edwards in N9 news studio for the Ten O'Clock news
Published: Friday, 1st December 2017 at 1:00 pm

The news at the moment is stressful enough without Huw Edwards turning everything upside down – but that's exactly what he's done. The BBC newsreader left "Huws At Ten" fans shaken and disturbed during a broadcast this week when he abandoned his signature pose in a deliberate response to a spoof Twitter account.


Now, to explain: Twitter's @HuwsAtTen is dedicated to documenting the way Edwards opens his broadcasts, with his right arm folded on the desk and left arm extended, and his eyes glancing downwards towards the right. Like so...

You get the picture. It's one thing you can rely on in this uncertain world.

But not any more. The first sign that something unusual was about to happen came with this little tease...

And then he did it. He switched sides!

It just looks... it just looks WRONG, doesn't it?


Hopefully he'll return to his signature pose before long and then everything can get back to normal.


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