Did you spot the Game of Thrones star in Sex Education season 2?

He’s flown the coop and ended up on Netflix

Lino Facioli in Sex Education series two (Netflix)

The second season of Sex Education adds a host of new characters to the Netflix comedy-drama, almost all of whom have some relationship or sex issues that get them tied up with lead character Otis (Asa Butterfield).


However, one particular newcomer – nerdy Rubik’s Cube aficionado and Moordale ‘Quiz heads’ leader Dex – might catch the eye of a few viewers. While an awful lot of Sex Education’s younger cast is made up of new or relatively unknown actors, this particular actor played a fairly pivotal role in the biggest TV show in the world.

Yes, he was on Game of Thrones. And if you were wondering why Dex seems so familiar it’s because he’s played by Lino Facioli, aka Robin Arryn, aka the little kid who kept trying to throw people out of the Moon Door and drank breast milk until an uncomfortable age.

Featuring most prominently in Thrones’ early seasons and picking up a lot of fan attention for his odd sayings (“Make the little man fly!”) and odder still behaviour, Robin then disappeared for a couple of years, only to reappear in the season eight finale looking older, more stylish and sending fans into a tizzy.

Now, he’s back in another high-profile show and – without giving too much away – gets tangled into a bit of a romance himself. It’s enough to bring a tear to our eyes…

Lino Facioli in Sex Education series 2 (Netflix)
Lino Facioli in Sex Education series 2 (Netflix)

The Lord of the Eyrie flying high once more! We’d say more, but we don’t want to milk it.


Sex Education is streaming now on Netflix