New series of Fresh Meat sees the arrival of JP’s David Cameron lookalike brother

The final series of the Channel 4 comedy introduces us to Tomathy – and the writers admit that he looks and sounds like a certain politician


Channel 4 student comedy Fresh Meat is returning this year for its last ever series and we get to meet a new face who looks and sounds eerily familiar.


In the first episode of the upcoming series, Jack Whitehall’s posho student JP introduces his flatmates to his brother, a smoothie-chops banker called Tomathy (who was given his name because their parents couldn’t decide on Timothy or Thomas).

“Tomathy lingers throughout like a spectre,” says Whitehall of the new character who is fresh faced, ever so slightly podgy and speaks with a thoroughbred posh voice.


When asked writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong about the new character, they admit that the rather unscrupulous chap, played by Richard Goulding, bears more than a close physical and vocal resemblance to a certain David Cameron.

But they assured that the likeness wasn’t deliberate.

“At no point does it say David Cameron in the script!,” says Bain.

However the writer did note, by the by, that Goulding had appeared as bluff George Balfour in Laura Wade’s play Posh, a satire on Bullingdon-type Oxford Tories…


Fresh Meat series 4 is due to air on Channel 4 later this year