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First look at Channel 4 sitcom Big Age from writer Bolu Babalola can reveal a first look at the sitcom, which is part of Channel 4's Black to Front line-up.

Channel 4
Published: Thursday, 9th September 2021 at 4:50 pm

Brand new comedy Big Age airs its first-ever instalment on Channel 4 this week – and can reveal a first look clip of the pilot episode.


The sitcom, which has been written by acclaimed author Bolu Babalola (Love in Colour), is airing as part of the Channel's Black to Front initiative and tells the story of a group of four young Black-British friends who are in the ‘big age’ era of their lives.

In the clip, we are introduced to best friends Ṣadé (Ronkẹ Adékoluẹjo) and Dela (Racheal Ofori) as they embark on a day out for Ṣadé’s 25th birthday – her ‘big age’.

"I could totally be a catwalk model," Ṣadé jokes as she struts her stuff on the top deck of a London bus, with Dela telling her, "You are radiating power and purpose, queen."

Ṣadé then points out to the front cover of a magazine and says, "You know this is who I should be – Naima Jackson, iconic crossover between Nora Ephron and Naomi Campbell, Oscar-winning queen of directing, yearly belle at the Met Ball, writer of scripts and books, purveyor of looks, East London girl done good!"

"Do you know she has a line of dog corsets so she and her Shih Tzu can be bad b***hes at the same time?" she adds, but before she can show Dela she receives a message from Zeke – her unrequited love. Check out the clip (which contains some strong language) in full below.

According to Channel 4, "Ṣadé has just quit her job to pursue her dreams of being a writer – she’s unashamedly ambitious but has moments of spiralling (yet hilarious) insecurity."

The synopsis continues, "Dela is Ṣadé’s best friend – she’s an artist who prefers to ‘go where her soul flows’ and is a free-spirited, sexually liberated, social justice warrior who would do anything for her friend. She’s also secretly a very middle-class private school kid who never used to 'see colour' (something she is secretly deeply ashamed of)."

Meanwhile, Michael Workeye (Brothers, Sitting in Limbo) stars as Zeke, "a slick-talker and player, full of easy charm and charisma," while CJ Beckford (I Am Danielle, Sitting in Limbo) plays Tay0, "the dry humoured grounding force of the group who seemingly has his life on track."


Big Age airs on Channel 4 on Friday 10th September at 11.05pm. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide or visit our Drama hub for all the latest news.


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