A reboot of ALF is reportedly in the works

Yep, yet *another* reboot of a classic sitcom is slated


ALF could be crashing back onto our TV screens, if reports of a reboot are to be believed.


The classic 1980s sitcom, about an Alien Life Form creature called Gordon Shumway who crash lands into the life of a suburban family, is apparently being brought back to life.

Originally running for 99 episodes, an insider has told TV Line that a revamped version of the show is in the ‘very early stages’ of development.

The show first aired on NBC, but there is reportedly no network yet attached to the reboot.


If the remake goes ahead, it will be next in a long line of 80s and 90s shows being revived, from Magnum P.I. and Dynasty through to the rumoured Frasier reboot.