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Hoenn Throwback Pokemon Go Challenge 2020 guide - steps and research tasks explained

Your guide to Hoenn Throwback Pokemon Go Challenge 2020, from steps 1 to 9 to rewards and research tasks

Pokemon Go
Published: Friday, 15th May 2020 at 7:59 pm

Pokemon Go's Throwback Challenge of the Hoenn region takes place this weekend until 22nd May giving you a chance to get a Groudon.


The quest is designed to celebrate the third generation of Pokemon and the games released around them - Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

Just like the previous weekend challenges, Kanto and Johto, the Hoenn Throwback Challenge means the Pokemon from the region will spawn more often.

You can also hatch the seven-kilometer eggs you get during the event, and if you want another Pikachu with a hat on your list, well, there's another kind during the event.

Skitty will also spawn Shiny for the first time during the challenge event.

How does the Hoenn Throwback Challenge 2020 work in Pokemon Go?

Just like the other Research quests back players complete tasks to earn special rewards.

The Hoenn Throwback Challenge has eight quest steps linked to the Gym Leaders in the games Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

The other recent quest was paid, but this one is free for all players. You only have a week to access it though and complete every challenge in the event.

When does Hoenn Throwback Challenge start and end?

The Hoenn Throwback Challenge is the third of the five special events running concurrently and starts from Friday, 15th May to Friday, 22nd May at 1pm local time. 

If you completed the Kanto and Johto Throwback Challenge then continue on to complete Hoenn and the following Sinnoh Throwback Challenge.

Once you complete all four you'll unlock the Throwback Challenge Champion 2020 event that will run from 3rd June to 8th June. Finishing all five weeks will reward you with a Genesect.

Hoenn Throwback Challenge 2020 quest steps

Step 1

  • Catch a Rock-type Pokemon - 500 stardust
  • Catch three Fire, Grass or Water-type Pokemon - 10x Poke Balls
  • Johto Throwback Challenge make-up reward - 5x rare candies
  • Rewards: 2x Razz Berry, 1x Pinap Berry and a Nosepass encounter
  • Step 2

  • Catch a Fighting-type Pokemon - 500 stardust
  • Power up a Pokemon - 5x Pinap Berries
  • Make three nice throws - Lairon encounter
  • Rewards: 1x Razz Berry, 2x Pinap Berries and a Hariyama encounter
  • Step 3

  • Catch an Electric-type Pokemon - 500 stardust
  • Send a gift to a friend - 1x incense
  • Make three Curveball Throws - Wailmer encounter
  • Rewards: 2x Razz Berries, 1x Pinap Berry and a Manectric encounter
  • Step 4

  • Catch a Fire-type Pokemon - 500 stardust
  • Earn a candy while walking your Buddy - Trapinch encounter
  • Catch three weather boosted Pokemon - Bagon
  • Rewards: 1x Razz Berry, 2x Pinap Berries and Camerupt encounter
  • Step 5

  • Catch a Normal-type Pokemon - 500 stardust
  • Make three Great Throws - Shedinja encounter
  • Power up a Pokemon three times - 10x Great Balls
  • Rewards: 2x Razz Berries, 1x Pinap Berry, Slakoth encounter
  • Step 6

  • Catch a Flying-type Pokemon - 500 stardust
  • Catch a Water, Bug or Electric-type Pokemon - 10x Ultra balls
  • Battle another trainer - Absol encounter
  • Rewards: 1x Razz Berry, 2x Pinap Berries and a Swellow encounter
  • Step 7

  • Catch a Psychic-type Pokemon - 500 stardust
  • Catch a Ghost-type Pokemon - 5x Revives
  • Give your Buddy 3x treats - 1x Charge TM
  • Rewards: 2x Razz Berries, 1x Pinap Berry and Claydol encounter
  • Step 8

  • Catch a Water-type Pokemon - 500 stardust
  • Take a snapshot of Water-type Pokemon - Clamperl encounter
  • Evolve a Pokemon - 1x Star Piece
  • Rewards: 1x Razz Berry, 2x Pinap Berries and a Sealeo encounter
  • Step 9

  • 3x claim reward 3000 XP
  • Reward: 10 Rare Candies, Groudon encounter with Fire Punch
  • Hoenn Throwback Challenge 2020 Research Tasks

    There are a range of themed Research Tasks that you get from spinning PokeStops. They are as follows:

  • Battle another trainer - Combusken encounter
  • Catch an Electric-type Pokemon - Swellow encounter
  • Catch 2x Normal-type Pokemon - Skitty encounter
  • Earn a heart with your Buddy - Marshtomp encounter
  • Evolve a Pokemon - Snorunt encounter
  • Give your Buddy a treat - Corphish encounter
  • Play with your Buddy - Lotad encounter
  • Send 2x Gifts - Treecko encounter
  • Trade a Pokemon - Ralts encounter
  • The Research Tasks will only appear for the event, but if you collect it, you can hold on to it after the event and complete it then.


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