While there are many mythical and grand beasts in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there are none so powerful or grand as the three Dragons.


These ancient and giant creatures are linked with the three magical Springs (Courage, Power, and Wisdom) that you can find on the map, and claiming a scale of each Dragon will grant you access to a new and previously hidden Shrine.

The three great Dragons, Dinraal, Naydra, and Farosh provide epic encounters and epic loot if you shoot different parts of their bodies with arrows, not just Scales.

The Dragon Horns are worth collecting, too, which you can shoot off with your arrows. You can use these Horns as ingredients to cook various recipes that add special powers, including combining with Rushrooms and Fleet Lotus Seeds to make a high-level speed boost meal that lasts 30 minutes.

Each Dragon creates an updraft which allows you to glide alongside them (watch out for their attacks). You cannot defeat a Dragon, but you can keep getting new item drops off of them if you return to their locations on a new day.

To prepare for the Dragon encounters, it’s worth stocking up on arrows, wood to light, and something to light that wood on fire. It all comes in handy. Trust us. Campfires can be used to reset the positions of the Dragons so you can keep farming the materials they drop.

Here is everything you need to know about the Dragon locations in Breath of the Wild and how to unlock three hidden Shrines.

All Dragon Locations in Zelda Breath of the Wild

You can use the handy video guide to the Dragon locations in Breath of the Wild above, thanks, BeardBear! This video shows you where each of the three Dragons are and how to unlock the hidden Spring Shrines.

If you’d rather follow written instructions, check out our list of all Dragon locations in Zelda Breath of the Wild below:

BOTW Dragon Locations - Naydra

You’ll find Naydra (and the Spring of Wisdom) on the peak of Mount Lanayru. Naydra is unlike the other Dragons as it is covered in Calamity Ganon’s Malice. Shoot its big black eye to free it from its slumber.

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Destroy all of the Malice eyes to remove the issue and defeat this mini-boss, freeing Naydra. Use the updrafts and aim well with your bow to do this. When Naydra is clear, it will return to the Spring of Wisdom where you first found it.

Shoot it again now to earn Naydra’s Scale and chuck that in the water to unlock the Jitan Sa’mi Shrine.

Light a campfire and head back to Mount Lanayru in the morning to see Naydra again, where the blue spirit beast will fly towards Lanayru Bay, Lanayru Bluff, and Lanayru Promenade.

BOTW Dragon Locations - Farosh

You should find Farosh, the yellow Dragon, flying around Lake Hylia.

Farosh spawns in the north west area of the region at 12am (in-game time). Head to Lake Tower at this time and into Lake Hylia. You should spot Farosh flying around soon enough.

Shoot Farosh while it is over land or the bridge to collect Farosh’s Scale (you ideally don’t want it dropping into the lake for obvious reasons). Once you have that Scale, pick it up and take it to the Spring of Courage just north of Dracozu Lake.

Drop it in the water surrounding the statue. Doing this will unlock the Shae Katha Shrine.

BOTW Dragon Locations - Dinraal

Dinraal, the red Dragon, can initially be found to the north of Eldin Mountains, around the Eldin Great Skeleton early in the morning (8-9am). It might not spawn if you’re waiting directly in its flight path, mind, so move to the side a little if you’re not seeing Dinraal at the times mentioned above.

From this location, it will fly west across the map through the border of Tabantha and Central Hyrule until it is off the map. It’s best to stick to the Eldin Great Skeleton in the early morning to spot Dinraal.

Shoot the red Dragon to make it drop the Dinraal’s Scale. Pick it up and take it to the Spring of Power (in between the North Akkala Valley and Ordorac Quarry, west of the East Akkala Stable) to unlock the Tutsuwa Nima Shrine. Remember to drop the Scale in the water surrounding the statue to unlock the Shrine!

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