If you previously enjoyed Fallen Order, which featured a number of different planets for players to explore, then you'll know to expect something similar from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - and the new game doesn't disappoint.


As in the previous game each planet plays an important role in the story, while hidden secrets are available to discover across all of them.

Meanwhile, with fast travel having now been introduced, fans won't have to spend as much time getting between the various planets, making the game's expansive setting easier to traverse.

Of course be warned - there will be spoilers to follow as we delve into each of the different planets you can expect to find as you make your way through the game.

All six planets in Jedi: Survivor are brand-new to the series, with none of the planets previously featured in Fallen Order making a return for the new game. So when we say there's plenty to explore, there really is.

Keep reading to discover the complete list of planets in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Full list of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor planets

The full list of planets in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is as follows:

  • Coruscant
  • Koboh
  • Koboh’s Shattered Moon
  • Jedha
  • Nova Garon
  • Tanalorr

Again, it’s worth noting that story spoilers follow. You’ve been warned.


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor opens on Coruscant. This is the cinematic opening level that reintroduces you to Cal Kestis and brings you up to speed with his current whereabouts. After initially being forced to rush away, you will be able to return to Coruscant to pick up collectables once you’ve completed a particular main story mission.


Koboh is the main hub world in Jedi Survivor. This is where you’ll find Greez and his cantina: Pyloon’s Saloon. There’s a certain western frontier vibe to the planet, and you’ll find plenty of side missions and locals here. It’s on Koboh where you’ll come across a key location that triggers the main plot.

Koboh’s Shattered Moon

Just a hop from Koboh is its Shattered Moon. During the main story, you’ll visit the Shattered Moon a couple of times. You will find a science lab on this planet and the whole thing can also be explored freely once unlocked.


From the film Rogue One, Jedha is in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Unlike in the film, however, you cannot visit or explore the planet’s capital city. In the game, you instead explore some desert landscapes and a hidden base.

More like this

Nova Garon

Potentially the smallest of the lot, on Nova Garon you visit an ISB base. It’s a short section but there are still a few things to find and collect. This is a late-game destination.


Finally, we have Tanalorr. This mythical planet is mentioned throughout Jedi Survivor’s story. It’s a famously difficult planet to reach and this is where Cal Kestis wishes to create a safe haven for anyone wishing to escape the might of the Empire. This is where you’ll find yourself at the culmination of the story.

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