The NVIDIA 4080 and 4090 graphics cards have been unveiled and they're quite the powerhouses. Promising up to twice the speed of NVIDIA's last-gen GPUs out of the box, the 4080 and 4090 both also come packed with that shiny new DLSS3 technology.


DLSS3 is the hardware manufacturer's fancy-schmancy upscaling tech that uses clever AI to boost the performance of games by up to four times in lower resolution upscaled so brilliantly that you likely won't notice a drop in resolution.

It all sounds rather impressive, but all that impression comes at a cost. Expect both the 4080 and 4090 to set you back a lot of cash. PC gaming at the highest levels doesn't come cheap, you know.

If you want the best of the best from NVIDIA and its new Ada Lovelace-powered GPUs, find out how much the 4080 and 4090 cost below, along with their release date, specs, and pre-order information.

NVIDIA 4080 and 4090 release date - when are they coming out?

The release date for the NVIDIA RTX 4090 24GB was Wednesday 12th October 2022. You can buy it now.

The NVIDIA RTX 4080 16GB, meanwhile, is scheduled for a 16th November 2022 release date.

You’d better start saving up now because the 4090 and 4080 RTX cards won’t come cheap.

NVIDIA 4080 and 4090 pre-order - where can you buy them?

You can currently sign up to be notified of availability for both of the NVIDIA 4080 and 4090 graphics cards. Simply head to the official NVIDIA website to sign up.

You can now purchase the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090. While stock is limited, you can find all versions to purchase here. Alternatively, sites such as Overclockers are good places to purchase GPUs from. You may even find the 4090 on Amazon.

NVIDIA 4080 and 4090 specs - what’s the difference?

Update: NVIDIA paused production of the 4080 12GB version. A new rumour that you can see below, though, suggests that it might be relaunched instead as the RTX 4070 Ti. We've left spec details in below for the 12GB 4080 as the specs should, hopefully, stay the same whenever it does come out (and whatever it ends up being called).

The NVIDIA 4080 and 4090 share similar architecture, but the 4090 is carrying more power under its hood. As per the official NVIDIA website, the GeForce RTX 4090 contains a whopping 16,384 CUDA Cores compared to the 9,728 Cuda Cores in the 16GB edition of the 4080 and 7,680 within the 12GB, respectively.

The cards are similar to one another, but those extra cores do make a difference. Those looking for the very best and extra cutting edge will want to go for the 4090, which has (according to Eurogamer and Digital Foundry) a total memory bandwidth of 1018GB/s, compared to the 4080’s 742GB/s (557GB/s in the 12GB model). Simply put, the 4090 is a beast.

That extra horsepower requires extra wattage to run, however. The RTX 4090 has a total power usage of 450W, compared to 320W and 285W in the 4080 models. This means you’ll need a total power requirement of 850W to run the 4090, compared to 750W for the 4080. These are power-hungry GPUs. The 4090 is the most powerful, but at what cost?

NVIDIA 4080 and 4090 price - how much do they cost?

The NVIDIA 4080 costs £1,269 which is a lot of money, but not as much as the 4090 will set you back.

The NVIDIA 4090 costs £1,699. That’s a lot. You’ve got to pay up for the best, and these cards really are the best when it comes to getting the most out of your library of PC games. Remember to factor in those running costs, too.

Again, you can buy these from the NVIDIA website or retailers like Amazon.

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