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Days Gone 2 release date: Will there be a sequel to the open-world zombie game?

"You never know what's coming out in the future," says one key creator of Days Gone.

Days Gone 2 sequel
Published: Monday, 12th April 2021 at 6:05 pm

Will there be a Days Gone 2? Is Days Gone getting a sequel? These are questions that will run through the mind of anyone who plays the big open-world zombie game that is Days Gone, which is currently a free PS Plus game on both PS4 and PS5.


The answers are not simple ones, though. Despite the fact that the original Days Gone launched way back in April 2019, and there has never been a sequel formally announced, there are still those fans that hold out hope.

The idea of a Days Gone sequel never seems to go away, and we still can't rule out the possibility that it will happen at some point. Keep on reading to find out why.

Will there be a Days Gone 2?

Although the Days Gone developers at Sony Bend have not released an official statement about Days Gone 2 being developed or cancelled, talk around the web has recently put this zombie-stuffed franchise back in the spotlight.

In a report published by Bloomberg on 9th April, well-connected games journalist Jason Schreier said: "Oregon-based Sony Bend, best known for the 2019 open-world action game Days Gone, tried unsuccessfully to pitch a sequel that year, according to people familiar with the proposal. Although the first game had been profitable, its development had been lengthy and critical reception was mixed, so a Days Gone 2 wasn’t seen as a viable option."

And then, on 11th April, the plot thickened. The director of Days Gone, Jeff Ross, appeared in a four-hour video on the YouTube channel of David Jaffe (director of the original God of War). Although Ross has left Sony Bend and now works at NetherRealm Studios, you've got to assume that he still knows a lot about the fate of the Days Gone franchise.

In a wide-ranging conversation that reacted explicitly to Schreier's Bloomberg report, Ross told Jaffe: "I won't confirm the status of Days Gone 2. I don't think that that's clear to the public. I'm not gonna say one way or the other. I don't think it's publically confirmed, what the status of it is. That's one of the things where I don't wanna be the guy to be the official source for whatever that is."

Ross went onto mention that "the calculus for Sony at this point is… when a game like Days Gone started, we were 45 people, we were walking around asking how we could build an open-world game with 45 people, and the answer was, we grew. We changed our number from 45 to something like 120."

Growing the company in this way made the game a lot more expensive than originally planned. As Ross puts it, "There was a starting budget for Days Gone, which was big, but it’s not where we ended. We ended at a much higher number and I think that number is then probably the starting point for the next one."

Bigger budgets mean bigger expectations, and in the world of Ross, "For games where you have to sell four of five million copies just to break even, there’s got to be a confidence in the return, because Sony doesn’t have the cash that Microsoft does and they’ve got to use it very intelligently, and they’ve got to stay focused on a diverse portfolio."

He added, later in the conversation: "I just don't want to comment on the status of [Days Gone 2], because Sony hasn't officially announced it. I know how many units we sold, but for some reason, Sony doesn't want to announce that."

The conversation moved on to focus more generally on Sony keeping its cards close to its chest, across a lot of areas of the PlayStation brand, to which Ross said: "I think that a healthy lens here is, you know, never say never to anything. It's just maybe not right now. You know what I mean?"

He also said, "You never know what's coming out in the future, and nothing's permanent." That kind of line gives fans hope that someday, somehow we'll see the Days Gone franchise return. But he certainly wasn't confirming anything.

What would happen in Days Gone 2?

Also during his interview with David Jaffe, Days Gone director Jeff Ross revealed that co-op gameplay is something that his team at Sony Bend had originally intended to incorporate into the first Days Gone game. That idea didn't end up making it into the first game, but according to Ross, it could have played a part in Days Gone 2.

Working together with a friend to fight off undead enemies, perhaps even with a base-building mechanic factored into proceedings, is the kind of thing you might be able to do in Days Gone 2 (if it ever does get made). Whether this would be part of the main story or a separate multiplayer mode appears to have been a point of discussion.

Looking at how the first game ended, we can also hazard a decent guess at what might have happened in the Days Gone 2 story. With the NERO organisation's James O'Brian revealed as an intelligent version of a zombie-like 'Freaker', he seems like an obvious choice for the main villainous role in Days Gone 2.

Of course, only time will tell if players do get to slip back into the motorcycle boots of Sam Witwer's Deacon St John. But if we do get the chance to do that, hopefully we'll be able to take down O'Brian and NERO once and for all.

Sign the Days Gone 2 petition

With all of this Days Gone 2 news spreading around the web, fans have started a petition to try and 'Get Sony PlayStation to approve Days Gone 2'.

At the time of this article being written, the petition currently has 7,788 signatures. It's great to see fans showing their support, and we'll be sure to let you know if any further Days Gone 2 news appears.

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