October is almost among us, and that means many things: Trick or treaters, pumpkin spice lattes and a Halloween-themed season of Call of Duty.


Season 6 of Warzone - subtitled The Haunting - is bringing the horror, with a cameo skin from anti-hero Spawn and the return of fan-favourite Zombies mode. There will be skins from other scary franchises, too, like Evil Dead and Hellsing.

And with a weapon bundle that includes the chainsaw from Doom, it's going to be a decent Halloween in CoD-land.

But when is Season 6 going to start? We'll share all we know right here.

When is the CoD season 6 release date?

Activision has officially announced that season 5 will conclude on the 26th September, so CoD season 6 will begin on the 27th September 2023.

See you on the battlefield!

What will CoD season 6 bring to MW2 and Warzone?

As we've said, season 6 will bring plenty of horror-themed madness to Warzone - from Spawn, Evil Dead and Hellsing skins to weapon bundles that include the chainsaw from Doom.

As for the lore, the official website has the following to say: "The Hellmouth has opened, spilling unearthly creatures from the underworld, and a creeping terror is slowly swallowing all souls as it infects the entirety of Al Mazrah, reaching the bloodred canals of Vondel and beyond!"

However, perhaps the most exciting addition to the new season is the return of Zombies.

What do we know about the return of CoD Zombies?

It is a tradition every year at Halloween, and 2023 will be no different. Zombies Royale will be reintroduced in season 6!

For the uninitiated, Zombies mode first appeared in Call of Duty back in 2008's World at War, and has since become a staple of the franchise.

In this season's Warzone update, there will be an event for Al Mazrah with the inviting name Operation Nightmare.

As you'd expect from an event with that name, there will be zombie-slaying aplenty. Unless, of course, you've become a zombie yourself - which isn't the end of the world, because zombies have some nifty abilities.

It's essentially a gruesome game of tag, and we can't wait.

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