From Doctor Who to Chew: David Tennant to play villain in new comic book adaptation

The Who and Broadchurch actor will voice Mason Savoy in new animated film Chew, a part originally intended for Robin Williams

David Tennant is clearly getting a kick out of comics. He’s already taken on the role of The Purple Man in Marvel’s Jessica Jones and now he’s joined the voice cast of Chew, an animated movie adaptation of the comic from Image Comics.


The Doctor Who and Broadchurch star will play a villain named Mason Savoy. The role was originally planned for Robin Williams, a fan of the comic book, but was recast in the aftermath of the actor’s death in 2014. 

The animated movie centres around the story of detective Tony Chu (played by The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun) who has the peculiar power of “cibopathy” – the ability to see the life history of everything he eats. Tennant’s Mason Savoy is Chu’s talkative, immoral partner.

Tennant and Yeun are joined by Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Felicia Day, whose character Amelia also has a culinary-based superpower – her food reviews are so evocative that anyone reading them can actually taste the dishes she’s describing. The fantasy crime story is set in a world where poultry meat is illegal after bird flu killed millions of Americans.


The film will be directed by Jeff Krelitz, who directed the animated Torchwood: Web of Lies and comic adaptation Peter Panzerfaust.