Anneka Rice wants Treasure Hunt to return to TV

The former "skyrunner" thinks the Channel 4 show should come back with a new host

It was the Channel 4 series that won her a Rear of the Year award. Now Anneka Rice has revealed that she thinks Treasure Hunt should return to TV – with a new presenter.


Talking about the game show’s success in the 1980s, Rice told Daybreak this morning: “At the time there was nothing on – television was very grown up. My icons were Sue Lawley and the Dimblebys and those sort of people, and there was just nothing spontaneous and mad on television.

“Channel 4 took a big risk the very week it started with this mad show where it was totally unscripted, I was an unknown…and I’d never been in a helicopter, let alone one without doors on. And I think it was just so extraordinarily fresh after years of straight TV.”

She added: “I don’t know why they don’t bring it back with someone else doing it, I think they should. They should bring it back, but make sure it’s done in a very real way with none of the trappings that you would have nowadays.”

Rice was Treasure Hunt’s “skyrunner” between 1982 and 1988. When she left the job to have a baby, her role was taken in the final series by tennis star Annabel Croft. A revival on the BBC in 2002 saw The Gadget Show’s Suzi Perry take to the skies, but this new version lasted just one year.