Zac Efron and The Rock show off new Baywatch lifeguard costumes in first set pictures

The pair have been sharing photos from the set of the movie reboot on social media


Some people stand in the darkness, afraid to step into the light, but Zac Efron and The Rock won’t let you – or the camera – out of their sight on the set of the new Baywatch reboot.


The duo have teamed up to bring the TV classic to the big screen, and if their social media posts are anything to go by, they’re having the time of their lives doing it.

The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson, took to Instagram to reveal the new Baywatch lifeguard costumes, and to praise Efron for his ad-libbing skills.

Meanwhile Efron shared a picture of the pair in what appears to be a speed boat via his official Twitter account.


Here’s hoping that when the Baywatch reboot finally hits cinema screens it actually makes a splash, and isn’t just a bit of a bellyflop.